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The 5 Joys of Living In USA

Living outside the USA for 15 years has made me appreciate these five things about the USA.

Tue, 25 Jun 2013 02:19:07

The 5 Joys of Living in USA

Big Food Selection for Common Man

Any American from the poorest to the richest will have the opportunity to eat any food they desire. The USA has the cheapest food on the planet by far, with the largest selection. Any day, of any week you can hear an American say something like,
“Let’s eat Italian tonight.”
The cost of food in Europe is 2-5 times more expensive, and the unemployment rate is generally 10-25 percent. Eating anything and everything is not possible because the average person cannot afford it. In the 200 poorer countries people do not export food there and the section is horrible, then when they do the price of food is the same as Europe or more. By far, the USA has the best food on the planet; there is not even competition, except for our sister Canada.

Sleeping in a Quiet Bedroom
Call the police because the neighbors are fighting is one of the greatest most wonderful benefits of living in the USA. First we do have police, and they do their job, in another country you would need to pay a bribe to stop a noisy neighbor, and they would only arrive if they were positive the situation was not dangerous.

Freedom from Being Arrested by Police
Sometimes you see this on movies, an American abroad screams at the police,
“I know my rights, I am American.”
I met three University Boys that had slept in the Caracas, Venezuela Airport for three days for saying those words. You have no rights, and anyone that says that when living outside the USA is normally headed for trouble.

I will list out the countries where the police searched my Hotel room;

1. Hong Kong in Chungking Mansions.

2. Iquitos, Peru because of Tom a Canadian

3. Hotel in Dharwad, India

Just before I returned home from Togo, in the city of Atakpame, I took a photo of a pharmacy and the police took me to the police station and ask me why? Getting searched by police is normal outside the USA, not abnormal. Other times:

Sinecelo, Colombia for whistling at a girl.
Maradi, Niger for taking a photo.
Pie de La, Cuesta, Mexico a man and woman bribed the police to arrest me and I was saved by the locals.

I tire of listing times the police enter my room. I am quite sure it happens one every six months, and yet, I am always safe, because in the end, both the locals and the police are quite sure I am good person.

Generally, when Americans do get arrested, they was indeed breaking laws, drunk, or being arrogant. Yet, the get off easy, because a bribe makes crime easy for bad people.
I do not enjoy shopping; the ability to buy something online with, and have it safely delivered to my home is amazing.

Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers

I was in Paris, France staying with a woman named Sofia. She had purchased a Condo for 160,000 Euros. The Condo was one room, and she slept on an elevated bed in the living area. She did have a washing machine, but no dryer. She always had clothes hanging on the back of chairs, on hanger; the room was a mess of clothes drying.