Sturgis Michigan Large Pizza for 5 Dollars at Cottage Pizza

I could not stop myself, a large pepperoni pizza for 5 dollars is a great deal, thank you Cottage Pizza in Sturgis, Michigan.

While in Sturgis, Michigan I kept driving by a sign that said, Large Pizza 5-Dollars, and finally I could not stop myself, I needed to eat one.

The Best Pizza on Planet is in the USA

I remember a Switzerland girl getting angry at me, when she asked which food is American known for, and I said,
"We make the best pizza on the planet."

The cheese in the USA is Superior to other countries on the planet.

Eating the "Cream" off the Top - Eating the Bonus in the USA.

The USA culture wants to sell you a good deal, such as a 5 dollar pizza in the hope that you will, then buy other high profit items. So, maybe you would buy this 5 dollar pizza, but then buy 4 overpriced Coca Colas. If you are capable of avoiding the over-priced items, you get to eat the good deal.

If you buy only the things on sale, you eat cheap, but sadly people are prone to temptation, and buy expensive things ways too often.

America is cheap to eat, but you are surrounded by temptations.


The pizza looks good. Dinner and lunch for 5 bucks, you can't beat that.
Never buy the drinks, waste of money most of the time.
The swiss girl wanted you to say hamburgers.
Around here wendy's has either a chicken sandwich or a decent cheeseburger + small fries for $2.
This is why so many poor people are fat here in the USA, it sure beats the heartbreak of seeing truly hungry kids needing something to eat.
I asked a former east european about what was the best thing about the liberation from the soviets, and she said is that they did not have to eat so much canned food anymore.


What is interesting, two people can travel and eat for the same price as one person. It would be easy for me to afford to bring another person with me. One friend told me to get on Craig's list and find people to ride along at times.

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