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Lovers Lane in Peru Indiana--- Video on Road Trip of USA

I took a video or Lovers' Lane in Peru, Indiana while visiting Peru on my USA Road Trip.

Sat, 2 Jun 2012 13:07:33

Lovers' lane (or "The Point") is a generic term for secluded areas where people kiss or make out. These areas range from parking lots in secluded rural areas to places with extraordinary views of a cityscape or other feature.

"Lovers' lanes" are typically found in cultures built around the automobile—lovers often make out in a car or van for privacy.

In Orland, Indiana, my home town, we call it to "Go Parking."

Lovers' Lane is an Americanism

Generally, this is probably mostly an American thing, while we go parking in car dominated culture. The rest of the planet normally goes to "Love Hotels" or often called "Garage Hotels."

The above definition was taken from Wikipedia; they need to somehow pull in their tweakers, so they stop putting up information that is not truly relevant. Many articles are so long, and drenched with crap, they feel off topic.'_lane

Andy Lee Graham visiting Lovers' Lane in Peru, Indiana on a Road Trip around the USA.