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List of Ways to Buy a Van RV, Caravan or Motor Home for USA Road Trips

This is a brainstorming page, I am trying to collect all the best ideas on how to buy a vehicle quickly for a USA road trip.

Toyota convert van

I am presently in the Dominican Republic and want to fly to the USA, buy a Van or Motorhome quickly. The faster I buy, the less money I will pay for lodging, when I have the van, I will sleep in it.

It is probably cost effective to rent a car for a day or two until I find a van to buy. One idea is to rent a van, if that is possible, and sleep in the van while I try to buy one, and avoid renting a room.

Note, I checked out the prices to rent a wreck VAN online, it is 79 USD, this is crazy. All in all it appears my best option is to rent a small car with Enterprise for 31 USD per day.

List of ideas of ways of buying a van in the USA.

1. Used car lots, the non buy here, pay here.

2. Used car lots, buy here, pay here.

3. Dealership wholesale auctions

4. Private sale by person

5. Driving around in a neighborhood looking for cars sitting in front of homes for sale by owners.

6. Small for sale by owner papers you buy in conveniences stores, where the owners advertise for free, and the consumer buys.

7. University auctions of surplus vehicles.



10. Newspaper Classifieds

11. Classifieds online


13. Bulletin Boards in Super Markets

14. Used Auto Parts

15. Auto Parts Stores

16. U-haul, try to buy used cargo van.

17. FedEx, or UPS, try to buy used van.

18. Drive around in Industrial areas looking for cargo van parked for sale.




Andy, it seems to me the simple thing for you to do is just stay there until your mom says its a good time to come home, then go there and find a van. If you go o the USA now you will just spend more money and make your life more complicated. TL


It appears that my father's cancer is worst, and it is not a good time to return home for ore than a couple of days. I feel, or suspect that now I have no choice but to buy one in Southern state. But, I am OK, I do not need to force the play, I can take my time and play this out slowly. I never get in a hurry anymore.


I do not know if Indiana has surplus, but I would think yes. I need to make a decision on where to enter the USA. The cost to fly to Florida is 230 USA, while Texas, Arizona and California is closer to 400. I must think where to start also, and in a way everything points at Tampa, Florida. Not as expensive as Orlando or Miami, but probably has a lot of extra vans left from retired people to buy. Therefore, I am trying to find the Florida Surpplus sales office...,

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List of Ways to Buy a Van RV, Caravan or Motor Home for USA Road Trips, this is a brainstorming page. title=