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List of Problems when Flying to USA, then Buying a Van, RV, Motor Home for USA Road Trip

Here is a list of problems to solve if I flew by airplane to the USA, got off the plane and tried to buy a van or motorhome for USA road trip.

Sun, 4 Mar 2012 03:48:08


question for USA trip

I am Andy Lee Graham, a citizen of the USA, and I am presently in the Dominican Republic, it is March, the weather in Indiana my home state is cold. I will enter the USA soon, buy a van, then travel around the USA for 2-5 months sleeping in the van or with friends who invite me to their homes.

My Father has cancer, and my Mother is wanting me to delay the trip to Indiana for a couple of weeks until things settle down. And truthfully, they may never settle down, so I am trying to think of other plans.

Jame66 wrote:

"I vote to fly to Orlando, Fl buy a used camper similar to [email protected] for about $3k and be able to go home on a moments notice. I would travel around the US staying in Walmart, Kmart, and most any mall area parking lots for free. Use free or almost free camp grounds for a dump. Using MacDonalds, Whataburgers etc for the Internet access for free. You won't have to worry about the cold. At the end of your travels here sell the camper for as much or more than you paid for it."
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If I fly to Indiana, live with my parents, I can borrow a car, live for free, and buy a mini-van slowly. I will also have to do some changes to the van, and there are tools, etc.

List of Problems Whey Flying to USA to Buy a Van, RV, Motor Home for USA Road Trip.

1. I need cheap accommodation during the buying of a vehicle, or the indirect cost of buying could double. I could do the couch surfing, or stay with one of the people who has invited me to visit.

2. How am I to drive around in the USA looking for a motor home or van, I would need to enter a city with very good public transportation, or enter a place where I could walk the city to look at vehicles.

3. How long would it take to buy a good vehicle in the USA?

4. Cold, I need to be in a Southern USA state, so I do not freeze walking around.

5. Availability of cheap vans or motor homes, where in the USA would be cheaper?

6. Internet access, I would not have Internet access when I land to get on Craig list or any of the vehicle selling site. The Internet cafes in small villages does not exist, and even in the big cities it is a problem. There are Hostel in few locations around. I would need to find a room for 15 USD or less, or the cost would quadruple fast.

7. The length of my trip will expand, because I would need to solve all the problems above, and park, or live in one location until I am read.

8. If I bought a motor home, and not a van, things would be simpler, but the cost of gas would double the price of the trip compared to a mini-van.

9. Selling a vehicle is not a guaranteed thing, I must assume I am going to abandon the vehicle at the end of my trip, or leave it for my friends to sell.

10. What is more sell-able, a mini-van or a motorhome? When I am done with the trip, what can I do with the vehicle?

11. I would think, I have 2-3 day mercy to live with anyone on the list, none of them are my best friends, two are family, but living with people for free is not a simple as people think.

My gut says this, I could do this, if I could find a room in the USA to rent cheap, less than 400 per month, then I would have the time. To travel anywhere on the planet, and have something necessary to happen is foolish. I must always have a backup plan.

Therefore, if I could find a room for less than 300-400 USA, in a smaller manageable city, with cheaper vehicles in the South of the USA. Then I could live there until I solve all the problems listed above.

Andy Graham in Montellano, Dominican Republic

This problem above is the same as what a European, Japanese or Korean would anticipate for a USA road trip.

List of Problems Whey Flying to USA to Buy a Van, RV, Motor Home for USA Road Trip.