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List of Places to get Free Internet on Road Trip USA

Where can a person get free Internet when driving a car across the USA?

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 04:50:22

Free Internet is only free if you are not required to buy something you do not want or need. Therefore, if you do not want to purchase food at McDonalds or coffee at Starbucks, then you do not buy.

I will not be using Starbucks for Internet, the cost of coffee is a horrible value for the money. But I am listing United States companies that are in most states of the USA.

Easy and Cheap to Expensive --- Free Internet

Note: Best to check the signal in the parking lot, to make sure it is working...

  1. Neighbors --- Turn on an check in your present location.
  2. Hospital Waiting areas: Parking may cost. (Eric)
  3. McDonald's --- Locator Best to find an electrical plug.
  4. Burger King: A few have computers and WIFI.
  5. Library
  6. Rest Areas
  7. Paneras - Locator
  8. Subway Sandwich
  9. Starbucks Coffee
  10. Bob Evans Restaurant --- They set you down at a table, therefore more difficult to find an electrical plug. Plus you need to tip the waitress or waiter and that makes it more expensive.


Bob Evan has Free Internet in Fort Wayne, Indiana.