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Las Ramblas a.k.a. Austin Texas

I stopped into Austin, Texas on October 18, 2012 to attend a wedding.

Thu, 18 Oct 2012 04:48:44

Las Ramblas is a street in Barcelona, Spain, a great place to hangout for a month, the beach at the end of the walk, the bohemia neighborhood, it is off path nice.,_Barcelona

I feel like I am on the "Las Ramblas." (Yes, that was a the-the sentence.)


Street Performers

I arrived in Austin, Texas to attend a wedding, we went strolling up and down a long boulevard last night full of eclectic, semi-hippie, semi-yuppie, restaurants and shops. It was good fun, complete with joggers with no good reason to be there. (Tights, shorts, and not as many tattoos as one would expect, and where are the Mexicans?)

I felt like I was at Indiana University with a bunch of kids from the neighborhood who said they were poor, but of course are not poor.

I should stop, I have no idea where I am at...

I am in Austin, Texas, 12 hours on the ground.


Andy Graham

Las Ramblas a.k.a. Austin Texas