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Kendalville Indiana Walmart Video --How to Park When Sleeping in Van

Kendalville Indiana Walmart Video - I am on a road trip around the USA, I am Andy Lee Graham.

Fri, 18 May 2012 13:37:45

I have now slept in about 10 Walmart Parking lots around Indiana and Michigan, but last night in Kendalville, there were many semi trucks.

Generally, there is only about 2-4 truckers, but last night on Thursday, May 17, 2012 in the Kendalville, Walmart there was about 15.

I am hoping soon to talk with a few truckers, to have them explain to me the rules of the road, or the Walmart parking and sleeping guidelines.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham 260-241-4657

Kendalville Walmart

Truly, sleeping in a Walmart Parking lot is comfy, I do not like the dew on the grass that I experienced in the Pokagon State Park, but I am hoping some 20-30 dollar hotels offer me occasionally a couple of nights free. Generally, I like to celebrate the good deals, and people living within their means.

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham 260-241-4657


15 truckers in Kendalville Indiana Walmart.