Jumper Cables used First Time for Road Trip of USA

Video: May 5, 2012, I used my jumper cables for the fist time on this USA road trip.

Yesterday, I purchased Jumper Cables, and I am lucky I did. Today, May 5th, 2012, I used them for the first time. I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and soon I will make a trip to Indianapolis.

On hindsight after I made this video, I realized I used a 12 Volt One-Cup coffee cooker to heat water for instant coffee. That with my charging my computer, cell phone and running the Tom Tom GPS, and sitting listening to the radio in Franke Park, the battery was dead.

I was lucky, I had a deep cycle battery behind the seat, and was able to jump the van myself.

Jumper Cables


You may want to stop at an auto parts store and buy a battery brush and clean up the insides of the battery leads and posts. That normally is the root of all battery problems. I agree you need an isolator switch so you dont run down your car battery when your parked and using power. You may want to get a solar cell in the mix to insure charging when your parked for long times as well. Your insurance company may cover a jump by a taxi or tow truck for the next time it happens. Great to see how you adapt to life in the great USA…….cheers.


I have yet to find a Solar Panel that is cost effective for the amount of Watts they create. My battery is in a plastic container, and I can put it in a backpack, take it into McDonalds and plug it in to charge. If I can make this battery last 3-5 days between charges, this system will work and a lot cheaper. I think I will always have a place close to plug in things.


You could charge your backup battery thru the cigarette lighter while you are driving. They make cords- connectors for that purpose.


Indeed jumper cables are very useful when your are on long journey vacation, because anything can be happen in travel.

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