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Pros and cons of a USA Road Trip.

Theme Song of my USA Road Trip

2012 March 28: The Start of My USA Road Trip by Andy Lee Graham

I paid 425 U.S. dollars for a one-way plane ticket to the USA, it is nice be in the United States of America.

A Van Conversion Feels Like the America I Gave Up on 14 Years Ago

I left the USA 14 years ago, I want to return but I refuse to walk back into the same American rut for this USA road trip.

Boondocking Defined

Boondocking Defined, this is proper term for the type of camping, or the best way to describe how I the locations I park my van at nigh to sleep.

Boondocking Map

If you are going to make a long-term trip around the USA, then maybe boondocking maps will help.

Budgeting and Prioritizing is Constant on USA Road Trip

I am on a trip around the USA, I am just starting, and budgeting and prioritizing uses too much bandwidth in my brain.

Collection of Best Van or RV Dwelling Internet Links

Planning a Road Trip USA? Here is my collection of the best Internet sites for learning how to set up a RV, Motorhome or Van for living.

Cruise Control on Van for Road Trip Of USA

Save money, relax, and avoid speeding tickets with cruise control on your "Road Trip USA."

Day 001 Crazy First Night in Van on My Road Trip of USA - Road Trip USA

Day One of USA road trip: I spent the first night in the Walmart Super Center in Kendalville, Indiana and a shopping cart hit the back of my van.

Day 002 Decatur Indiana Video of Courthouse and Nice Lady - Road Trip USA

Video of Decatur, Courthouse this is day 2 of my Road Trip around the USA, I am Andy Lee Graham and on May, 8, 2012 I slept in the Walmart parking lot.

Day 003 Video of Hitzer Stove Factory in Berne Indiana with Amish Workers

Road Trip USA 2012: I Andy Lee Graham stopped in Berne, Indiana to take a tour of the Hitzer Stove company, they make coal stove, and water pumps.

Day 004 Mcnutt Quad Indiana University Bloomington

Video Blog of Road Trip of USA by Andy Lee Graham visited Bloomington, Indiana where I attended University from 75-80.

Day 005 Nashville Indiana Tourist Trap

Stopped into Nashville, Indiana for an hour, it is close to Brown County State Park in southern Indiana.

Day 006 Mayberry Cafe in Danville Indiana

I stopped in Danville, Indiana and visited the Mayberry Cafe, complete with an old police car, I did not find Barney.

Day 007 Wind Turbine near Kokomo Indiana

I was driving along the road East of Kokomo, Indiana when I stopped and made this video.

Day 008 The Indiana State Park in May was a Bad Idea: A Hotel is a Better Deal

I paid 5 USD to enter and 17 dollars to park my van in Pokagon State Park on May 14, 2012.

Day 009 Can Americans Invite Strangers for a Cup of Tea

There is a custom to ask visitors, strangers, or travelers to share a tea, does this custom still exist in the USA.

Day 010 Sturgis, Michigan Sidewalks and Bike Paths --- But I Need a Car

Video showing how the sidewalk ends, and there is no way to walk to a business.

Day 011 Video of Bird that Eats Mosquitoes in Kendalville Indiana

My brother in law showed me a home made place for birds to nest at his home in Kendalville, Indiana.

Day 012 America Love It or Leave It

This is a threat, do not be mistaken.

Day 013 Google Map of USA Road Trip by Andy Lee Graham

This is a google map of my trip, I hope everyone understands how to use a google map.

Day 014 Drove My Father to Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

My Father has prostate cancer that moved into his back, he is doing a special treatment at the Simon Cancer Center 200 Miles from home in Orland, Indiana.

Day 015 USA Road Trip Problems to Solve as of May 25, 2012

Day 015 -- USA Road Trip -- Here is my list of problems I am working on, maybe you have solutions or ideas.

Day 016 Memorial Day is Taking the Fight to Them wo we can Dream in Red White and Blue

Saturday, May 26, 2012, this is Memorial Day weekend, and I want to thank the boys who took the fight to them.

Day 017 Roller Coaster Weather is Unacceptable

If you could live anywhere, would you choose the weather where you live?

Day 018 Ten Dead In Chicago in USA, I am Close to a War Zone Again

Everyone insinuates that world travel is dangerous, and that I am nuts, it is hard to decide if I am crazy, or the American people.

Day 019 Indiana Wants Me: Lord I Can't Go Back There (The Song)

There is a song from 1970, called "Indiana Wants Me," this is a nostalgic moment for me, I ready to leave Indiana, going to Illinois on Road Trip of

Day 020 Following the Path of The Wabash River in Indiana

The Wabash River in Indiana goes near the cities of Huntington, Wabash, and Peru, Indiana. That is as far as I have gone so far on this USA Road Trip.

Day 021 Benton County Wind Farm Video near Remington Indiana

Near Remington, Indiana there is the Benton County Wind Farm, you can see as you drive down 24, and here is a map.

Day 022 Interview with Hitchhiker of America for 14 Years

Video of interview with Mike Livingston in Pontiac, Illinois and he explained how he Hitchhiked around the USA for 14 years.

Day 023 Trip from Pontiac Illinois to Omaha Nebraska

I am on USA Road Trip, this is the travelogue about me driving the Maggie Van II between the two cities.

Day 024 Sterling Colorado for my friend Jeff --Travelin Man by Bob Seger

I enter Colorado on highway 6 just as the sun came up, and thought about my friend Jeff K. a.k.a. the Chetster and Spring Break to Florida.

Day 025 Denver Colorado Ying and Yang - Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA, I have landed in McDonald's in LIttleton, Colorado, there are seven locals sitting around talking about the world. (Now 8)

Day 026 Idaho Springs Colorado If and If - Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA --- I think this city or town called Idaho Springs, Colorado has merit, I can feel it.

External Roof Top Solar Shower from 4 Inch PVC Tube for Van Roof

Video of a man with brains, a simple, cheap way to have a solar shower while living in a van.

How to Stop Things from Sliding or Moving in Van RV, Motor Home, or Caravan

Video explaing how to stop things from sliding or moving in van.

I Am In The City Of Orland, Indiana March 15, 2023

I have lived in 1000’s of cities on this 25 year odyssey I have said many times, “Love is not leaving, I know you love the girl, or boy, the city, the country when you do not leave.” People make plans to travel that never work, a few leave, why do people return to locations

I need to find what is amazing about the USA

I have visited 90 countries looking for the best, and I need to do the same in the USA.

I Purchased a Van on CraigsList for a USA Road Trip and Got a Better Deal

Road Trip USA - As the buyer, my deal was good for a USA Road Trip Van, however I think the seller got a worst deal relying on

I Start My USA Road Trip Plan, the Daily Temperature of March or April Slows Me Down

I am making list of things to do for a USA road trip staring in March, April, May of 2012, it will be fun, Andy Graham 90 countries, 14 years of travel.

Jumper Cables used First Time for Road Trip of USA

Video: May 5, 2012, I used my jumper cables for the fist time on this USA road trip.

Kendalville Indiana Walmart Video --How to Park When Sleeping in Van

Kendalville Indiana Walmart Video - I am on a road trip around the USA, I am Andy Lee Graham.

Las Ramblas a.k.a. Austin Texas

I stopped into Austin, Texas on October 18, 2012 to attend a wedding.

List of Places to get Free Internet on Road Trip USA

Where can a person get free Internet when driving a car across the USA?

List of Places to Shower on Road Trip USA - Road Trip USA.

Road Trip USA

List of Problems when Flying to USA, then Buying a Van, RV, Motor Home for USA Road Trip

Here is a list of problems to solve if I flew by airplane to the USA, got off the plane and tried to buy a van or motorhome for USA road trip.

List of Ways to Buy a Van RV, Caravan or Motor Home for USA Road Trips

This is a brainstorming page, I am trying to collect all the best ideas on how to buy a vehicle quickly for a USA road trip.

List of Ways to Meet People on a USA Road Trip

How to meet new friends when traveling the USA?

Lovers Lane in Peru Indiana--- Video on Road Trip of USA

I took a video or Lovers' Lane in Peru, Indiana while visiting Peru on my USA Road Trip.

Map USA Road Trip Factory Tours

Factory tours that seem interesting and unique for my USA Road Trip - Andy Lee Graham of

Map USA Road Trip Places to Visit

A map of all the places that seem interesting to visit, please suggest in comments if you wish.

Map USA Road Trip Places Visited by Andy Lee Graham of

Map of places to visit: Road Trip USA

Sturgis Michigan Large Pizza for 5 Dollars at Cottage Pizza

I could not stop myself, a large pepperoni pizza for 5 dollars is a great deal, thank you Cottage Pizza in Sturgis, Michigan.

The 5 Joys of Living In USA

Living outside the USA for 15 years has made me appreciate these five things about the USA.

USA Road Trip and How I Am Going to Shower Video Travel Blog by Andy Lee Graham

This is a video explaining how I plan to shower or dip shower in the back of a mini-van on my USA road trip in 2012.

USA Road Trip Temperature Guide, We need 42-73 Degree Nights

What is the best temperature for RV, Camper, SUV, Van, or Motor Home travelers for living?

USA Road Trip, The Search for a 10 USD per Day Room in Fort Wayne Indiana to Buy Van

I will fly to Fort Wayne, Indiana in April of 2012, I have traveled the world for 14 years, 90 countries. I average less than 300 USD per month for room.

USA Travel

Pros and cons of a USA Road Trip.

Video of Van for Road Trip USA with Advertising on Side

Video of my Chevy Astro with advertising on side done by - Road Trip USA

Video on How to Park and Sleep at Walmart for Privacy

There is an art to parking your motor home, RV, van in a Walmart Parking lot for the night: How to have privacy?

What are the Places to Visit Between Indiana and Colorado on Road Trip USA?

I will leave from Fort Wayne, Indiana on my 2012 Road Trip USA, I have from May 10 to June 18 to make Keystone, Colorado.

Map of "Places" I want to Visit

View USA Road Trip :Place to Visit by Andy Lee Graham of in a larger map

Map of the USA Cities I have Visited: 
--- The end of the blue line is my present location

View USA Road Trip Map of Visits by Andy Lee Graham in a larger map

Cities I plan to visit:
List of invitations by readers of Travel Blog to visit on Road Trip USA:

Andy, I have a cabin in Big Bear CA. If you're interested, you may use that for a couple of days."
Michael C

"If you are in the Houston Texas area, you are welcome in our home. 
 Stephen H.

Dunnellon, FL West Coast of Florida, about 25 miles from the Gulf of Mexico Jim and Jeanne G.
"You are more than welcome to come by and spend some time with us. We have plenty of food and a couple of extra bedrooms. Look forward to hearing from you. Jim."

David S: Montreal, Canada

"If you make it to Montreal, stay here for several days. (Why are you going to the States??)"

Phillip, Sail to Adventure

Mom, Dad, Graham

To invite, "Cick Here."


Andy Lee Graham "Life is Good." Road Trip USA

--- Map of "PEOPLE" to to visit in USA ---
Planning the Road Trip USA, mapping out places to stop and say "Hi."
(This map started on February 24, 2012)

View Road Trip USA - Andy Graham in a larger map

Thank you, to invite, "Cick Here."

Andy Lee Graham "Life is Good."

Road Trip USA

Tue, 21 Feb 2012 23:49:24

Andy Lee Graham

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