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I Purchased a Van on CraigsList for a USA Road Trip and Got a Better Deal

Road Trip USA - As the buyer, my deal was good for a USA Road Trip Van, however I think the seller got a worst deal relying on

Wed, 18 Apr 2012 03:12:37

I paid 1700 US For a 2001 Chevy Astro Van, with 200,005 miles, 4WD, the inside and outside is great, and it drives perfect. After having it for a couple of weeks, I think the seller using got a worst deal, and I got a better deal.

As best I can tell, the price of the van should have been 2800 to 3200, and he was asking 2200, but I paid 1700.

To buy the van using CraigsList, I needed to write the person an e-mail, this required me to copy and paste this weird long e-mail into my Yahoo mail account. I then had to wait for him to call or write back.

2001 Chevy Astro

I had purchased a Verizon prepaid phone for 50 bucks at Walmart, that allows me to call or receive phone calls anywhere in the USA. I included the number in the e-mail.

Now, before I too off traveling 14 years ago, I sold two pieces of Real Estate per week for years as Real Estate Broker and know that selling is about the "Inquiry Handling System." I know to buy a USA Road Trip Van, I am using this system in reverse. I needed to make it easy for the seller to contact me, and I will do better on the deal if seller does not make it easy to contact them.

Therefore, I put my telephone in the e-mail, the seller could either reply back, or call me back. Well, he called me, and arranged an appointment two days out. Well, normally, when anyone is buying, they buy within in 48 hours of the decision to purchase, and it is a very spontaneous purchase.

It was easy for me to not buy spontaneous, I truly despise cars, I am only buying this USA Road Van for the trip, I do not want to own any big asset that I need to watch. Waiting for a good buy was easy for me, I do not want to drive.

Me and my friend Mike walked up the door of the house, he and his wife lived in a yuppie, middle class neighborhood, an addition with the 2-car garage. It was a ranch, there could not be any more middle class than this house. On the window of the door was a sign saying,
"No Soliciting."

Well, this is Fort Wayne, and he lived in New Haven, truly in these neighborhood you do not have solicitors, unless you call Halloween Soliciting. He was way too over the edge avoiding being annoyed.

I gave the man control over calling me, by giving him my telephone number. And because I also always answered the telephone, he called, I picked up. I made the "Inquiry Handling System" in reverse easy for the seller.

When I sold Real Estate, I paid 1500 USD per month for Verizon Cell Phone service, the same service is now offered for 50 per month. I answered every phone call, I did my best to never have a voice mail. I had call waiting, and if it went to voice mail, I called it back immediately. This was the reason I sold tons of property, I was easy to get to, it was easy to inquire.

When I got a Voicemail, I was losing, it was failure.

Well, using CraigsList is not easy for quick contact, it is the opposite, it does not allow for a seller to do a deal in 24 hours easily, it could take up to a week for a purchase. And a seller who does not disclose his telephone number, does not pick up the phone unless he knows the person is screwed,

I got a good deal using CraigsList and the seller got a bad deal.

Sales or buying is about making yourself available, voice mail is losing, caller ID all calls is losing, it is about opening every door, not being secretive.

Fun stuff, but now I have a great USA Road Trip van for 1700 USD, and feel it worth closer to 2700.

Any sales works best when it can happen within 1-2 hours, e-mail is slow, telephone calls are fast.

Well, I have a USA Road Trip Van, I am happy.

Andy Graham

USA Road Trip Van Chevy Astro,