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I need to find what is amazing about the USA

I have visited 90 countries looking for the best, and I need to do the same in the USA.

Tue, 22 May 2012 03:47:38

I admit it, I am bored to death in the USA...Why? Because in a way my motives for traveling the USA were warped. I have just a small dream of traveling, not a big one, in a way, the USA is for "ME" the most boring place on the planet. Why? Because, for one thing, I made a road trip around the USA at age 22, I have been in at least 40 of the states in the USA already, there is nothing new.

USA flag

The bad part of this USA Road Trip plan...

I am business owner, and Google is severely punishing my business because I do not write about the USA. The USA is very insulated, it does not really want to know about the rest of the planet, the average American wants to say, America is best, and all the rest is not good. This is the same for Google, they mimic the culture of America, any Internet site talking about the rest of the planet is not going to do as well. Google want to sell American Advertising, and has the other countries on the back shelf. Therefore, if I write about the USA, I can make more money, it sort of sucks.

I am in maybe violating the prime directive of travel.... aagh.

What is amazing about the USA?

I walked into a travel rest area as I entered the state of Michigan the other day, and there was at least 1000 different brochures. It was amazing how many places in Michigan want you to come visit, everyone there believe there is something special, in the end, nothing is obviously special.

I would think that Detroit Michigan is amazing, it is the story of Henry Ford.

I will change my goals for the USA.

I am going to search for what is amazing, and not what is boring. There is many things that are amazing, for example NASA, or the surf beaches of southern California. Indiana is amazing, it has the best quality of life for a family on planet earth for the least amount of money, now listen, I said "Family," not young and drunk, that may be New Orleans or California.

I want to see the Redwoods of California.

Well, what I need to do, is go see what is amazing, or I am going to go nuts.

What is amazing about the people of the USA is their insane belief they are special, truly all people on the planet are almost the same, yet American have a delusional belief each of our lives is special. Yes, it is special to me, but to try to make it more is childish.

It is not good to celebrate people who are average, it is dysfunctional, but to celebrate the amazing is insightful.

Take the 500 year view, what will be amazing to the future people?

Amazing USA