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How to Stop Things from Sliding or Moving in Van RV, Motor Home, or Caravan

Video explaing how to stop things from sliding or moving in van.

Do you want to stop things from flying around in the car? Sliding in the Van? Moving in the Motor home? Changing locations in the Caravan? Then buy this cheap rubber material and put on place where you put thing down, you know the slippery spots. I will put this rubber shelf liner stuff on any exposed flat surface in my Chevy Astro I am using to travel the USA. I then can put things on the spot with the least amount of sliding.

Warning, this is to slow down sliding, if you hit the brake really hard, then things can still move.


Grip On



I have taken the rear seats out of the van and stored at my parents home... Any suggestions on where to store if you are from Europe on a temporary trip?

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