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External Roof Top Solar Shower from 4 Inch PVC Tube for Van Roof

Video of a man with brains, a simple, cheap way to have a solar shower while living in a van.

This video is hot, smart, efficient, and intelligent, this is how solar was meant to be, not all the bells and whistle, just sustainable and cheap.


Found another:


This person has made this more complicated than needed in my opinion, gravity flow would work. Plus if the tube is half full, it would make a huge water flow problem, however, in principal, he is on the right track. I am thinking about having three ways to heat water. Two gallons on top of a propane stove, 110 Hot Water element in a bucket, and a concentric circle of black PVC on the roof... And, 4-5 one liter bottle on top of the roof.

Do you want the plans?


After a surf or paddle in a cold body of water, what a perfect device to have on the roof racks with the boards or boats. Nobody I've seen uses a small capacity solar bladders, but I think you could sell thousands of these on the W. and E. Coasts to kayakers and surfers. The comforts of a 8 or 10 min. warm shower are never more appreciated than when you've been in the cold water for hours.

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