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Day 013 Google Map of USA Road Trip by Andy Lee Graham

This is a google map of my trip, I hope everyone understands how to use a google map.

Tue, 22 May 2012 02:17:40

This is a google map to help you follow the path of my trip around the USA, as I travel from city to city in 2012. I am Andy Lee Graham, the main Travel Blogger for

Map is Updated as I Move from City to City in USA

I am updating this map, therefore if you bookmark this page, you can return and there will be new cities on the map.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

PLEASE wait until you see the blue markers.

PLEASE double click to make it ZOOM

PLEASE look at the "Plus" or "Minus" signs to zoom.

There is a round guide to move left / right / down / up.

View USA Road Trip "Visited Map" Boondocking in a larger map

Map to Explain

Map of USA Road Trip - AG