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Day 026 Idaho Springs Colorado If and If - Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA --- I think this city or town called Idaho Springs, Colorado has merit, I can feel it.

Sat, 9 Jun 2012 08:58:31

Something about Idaho Spring, Colorado seems good, when my instincts talk, I listen, a traveler needs to trust his or her instincts. I want to find a place to hide, a quiet spot to call my own, something that feels good for the next week.

There is a good reason to trust instincts, the little brain humans has is an organic computer. It sees, logs in data continually, and the conscious and subconsious processes all the informations. Fortunately the subconsious does a better job than the conscious and protects people.

I used to worry about explaining how to do things, like how to go to Iraq, or finding uncontacted tribes in Brue, Peru, off the Amazon river. What I realize one day is that people will not even consider doing a trip unless they have the abilty to emtionally handle the trip.

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