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Day 025 Denver Colorado Ying and Yang - Road Trip USA

Road Trip USA, I have landed in McDonald's in LIttleton, Colorado, there are seven locals sitting around talking about the world. (Now 8)

Fri, 8 Jun 2012 06:38:00


Denver: A Megalopolis on a mountain.

I have been nervous, I do not want to miss this TBEX Travel Bloggers convention in Keystone, Colorado. My travelers instincts have been screaming for two weeks at me, "Andy, you are choosing of your own free will to enter a travelers nightmare."

Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado, traffic, where did paradise go?

- This is fools gold, the devil makes us want chaos.

Deer Colorado

Southwest of Sterling, Colorado at the Northeast corner of Colorado.
I believe we have free will, every day we need to make choices to avoid temptations. I stopped the van, truck flying by, and took a photo of gold, my temptation is alway to follow the crowd.

Anyone can afford to go anywhere on the planet
, there is always a cheap way to enter a city; the tourist bubble, where tourist trap, money eating landmines are everywhere.

Yes, I have been traveling the world perpetually for 14 years.

Yes, I have been to 90 countries.

My biggest fear is entering a city without enough money to live, with enough money you can always solve problems.

When I went to Iraq, I had 3000 US Dollars cash in my pocket. The first time I got off the plane in Niger, Africa, I had about 2000 Euros, and I needed dollars. At any given time, I almost always have close to 500 USA with me, and a couple of debit cards, one Cirrus and the other Plus.

Ski Resorts: Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone Tourist Bubble

This would be a great vacation, where you drop 2000 in a week, splurge, be one of the rich and famous, then go back to work, post a large picture in your cubicle and say to your colleges, "I went to a ski resort in Colorado."

F%&K the Budget Travel

I live on a travel budget, I never say, "It is only a few days." That is for people on vacation, I am not going to say here: F%&K the Budget

I Arrived 8 Days Early to Insure I can Stay on Budget

Yes, I do believe that Colorado is full of hippie, dippie, yuppies, emmigrants who want to eat organic, live the good life, and are willing to work 14 hours per day.

I see Mexicans working everywhere.

How to stay on Budget?

It is easy in a way, I do nothing. I just sit here in McDonald's. It was funny, this McDonalds wanted two dollars for a coffee. The young man said, get a small for a dollar and you can refill it as many times you like, this is a weird economic glitch in the USA, if you are smart, you go cheap, if dumb, you pay.

I will make the next cheap move.

I will not move until I am sure the move is cheap.


I was hoping to use my friends Indianhills home as a base, park my van there, commute daily to Keystone Resort. I think that commute is 100 miles daily, or 30 dollar per day for gas.

That is not bad, but the time is more important to me, than money, I would need to donate three hours to driving in stressful traffic, that is dangerous, and torture, not a vacation.

Money Eating Land Mines
A 50 Dollar Room in Keystone would be a great deal, compared to the amount of stress I would need to pay to live in Denver. I think I need to reconnoiter Keystone, survey the territory, drive there and assess how dense they planted the money eating land mines.

Ok, I am going to stop writing, is it not good, it is confusion, I have 8 days to find the correct path.

I hope you can see the writing above is a never-ending rant, a list of ways I am confused. This is not wanderlust, it is not the way of a traveler, we hang around in cool places, talk, muse, think about our navels, we are never in rush. I can feel the huge suck of the USA culture trying pull me into this vortex, I do not want to drown.

I know I am not in Paradise, because Paradise is cheap and easy.

Strange as it sounds, I am not sure I will meet any travelers at this travel Blogger convention.

Andy Lee Graham

Note: This would be a GREAT time for a rich, beautiful, girl living in Keystone, Colorado to call me and ask me to come stay at her house.

+1 260 241 4657

Send photo to hoboontheroad AT AT

Ok that was bargaining with God, but fun to do.

Deer along side the road South of Sterling, Colorado.
Denver Colorado