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Day 023 Trip from Pontiac Illinois to Omaha Nebraska

I am on USA Road Trip, this is the travelogue about me driving the Maggie Van II between the two cities.

Wed, 6 Jun 2012 05:05:12


"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

I have an annoying travelers delusion that I will one day be able to explain my reality to the world, this hope drives me crazy. The other night on a movie called Dam Busters where the inventor said, more or less he was not sure if he was inspired or obsessed.

--- The Dam Busters, is a 1955 British Second World War war film that recreates the true story of Airplanes using a "bouncing bomb" to destroy German dams.

When talking with people about travel, in my mind I drift between inspiration, obsession, and delusions, always hoping to explain, and trying to accept that it is impossible to explain my life.

VW Microbus

This is the VW Van of Bob Waldmire, it is on display in the Route 66 Museum in Pontiac, Illinois.

There are 3-6 Videos to Watch on

I upload videos day with the hope and dream of explaining my reality, I am 100 percent aware I am deluded. However, for you folk that just never click around the the site, please try to check out the "Blog" daily, because there is never enough time to explain in writing all the videos I record.
Travel Blog

E-mail subscribers often read only the post, there is always a never-ending story when you are traveler, go take a look at other stories of the reality of life.

I Enjoy Writing, Photographing, and Recording Videos

... I finally figured out my Garmin GPS, there is a setting that allows me avoid highways, which means more or less a road with on and off ramps. It is invigorating to see America as I drive the Maggie Van II around the USA.

I do love the USA, and think I am trying to remember why, love does not need a reason, but a clue now and then is nice. I am grateful that as I traveled into Illinois, then into Iowa, my faith, my love, and my belief in the USA has returned.

American Flag

I am an annoyingly stereotypical and cliché American.

There are folks that think I do not like American because I have traveled perpetually to 90 countries for the last 14 years. The opposite is true, have always had an American Flag sewn on my backpack.

Wearing an American Flag on my bag when traveling abroad, is my attempt to prove I love American to the world. There are too many travelers who are wimps who want to apologize for being from the USA. It is just too stupid, the whole world is trying to move to the USA, and they want to apologize.

--- I am a Flag Waving American
--- I am an overly confident, arrogant American
--- I believe I have the right to do anything I want.
--- I listen to country music, trying to put the oldies and goods in the past.
--- I have respect for God, and church, and my Father and Mother.
--- I try to not say bad thing about the USA, the President, whether Obama or Bush, even though I do know American take sides.
--- I believe America is doing it best to do the right thing, even though there are 1000's of clever American that are just plain clever crooks.

See I am the Cliché, Stereotypical American, but I hope I have given up the habit of talking loud, hehehe

I am un-American, I believe the poor middle class is just as corrupt, crooked and evil as the rich, they are just jealous they are not rich.

Bob Waldmire and his Van Annoyed Me

Freedom is not telling the world your beliefs, freedom is listening to a person you disagree with.

I will put an American Flag on my van, I will not put a sticker that says I do not like Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. It just is tacky, I was annoyed that the girl in the Route 66 museum told me he Bob Waldmire was a vegan.

I thought to myself,
"Please do not celebrate a bunch of anti-war hippies from the 60's who are angry at the world and never changed or grew up."

Change is good, change is not needed, change is a want, only the ones who search for the truth change. In reality, many travels search the world, search the USA, search to find this to collaborate or support their beliefs they had before they left.

Driving done the road between Indiana and Omaha has been good for me, I saw endless field of corn, soybeans, and wheat. Green, and staring life, it is nice to see a country that truly feeds it people. A country that is not befuddled with the simple idea of farming. Generally the poor countries are not good at farming, or in reality they live in the warm tropics and are too lazy to farm.

If I know a person has food, I am happy.

American feeds it people, this is good!

And in 14 years of perpetual traveler I have never seen a person dying from lack of food. I have seen many people on the planet with malnutrition, I see an enormous amount of fat people in the USA with malnutrition, you can see it in their skin and hair.

Driving around the USA, I see our prosperity, our accomplishments, our bridges, our farms, our windmills, our huge shopping center. Everywhere I go, the highways, roads, houses generally look great compared to the rest of the world. The USA is a shining star, I just have to stop listening the "noisy minority."

The Luxury of the USA is a Soap Opera

I keep hoping small people will stop talking about other people, and start talking about ideas. Not angry one, but happy inventive idea, like will the Wind Turbines around the USA eventually produce enough Electricity for the USA?

What is Rich?

A rich person probably ignore other people, he or she has the luxury to not talk. A poor person is in continuous sales mode. A poor person, (And Crooks) talks to me, then never stop trying to convince me to help them, to either buy, give them something or scam me, they believe I am rich, and someone to take from.

American I meet give more than the take to me.

I walked into McDonald's last night and asked,
"Can I fill up my one gallon jug with water?"

The answer was yes, no thinking, no deliberating, the USA is not petty enough to make money off of any opportunity. It is nice when a Mexican American gives me something, I know in Mexico they cannot be noble, they are always searching for a way to get over. Here in America, they revel in being the person who can give without taking, it is nice.

I admit though, I am not sure why anybody would walk around with their pants hanging off their butt. But fashion, the obsession with fashion, music, cell phones and petty soap opera things is a life of luxury.

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs say allude that philanthropy is at the top, unfortunately the average person is just average, 99 percent of the world is just average, and want to talk about sport or religion, and often the weather.

A couple of months in the USA, and not a beggar in sight, this is amazing.

Now, if I could convince these rich, spoiled brats to be brave enough to talk. There is an amazing deluded fear in the USA that everyone wants something, they do not even have a clue, nobody in America wants anything from me, they are more than willing to give.

America is clean, safe, and full of hyped up media produced fears that do not exist.

Thank you America for giving me the American Dream.

Andy Lee Graham in Omaha, searching for Warren Buffet.

I need money for GAS, I want to see more...



American Flag on Backpack.
The cliché VW Micro bus used by travelers to see the USA or Europe.