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Day 022 Interview with Hitchhiker of America for 14 Years

Video of interview with Mike Livingston in Pontiac, Illinois and he explained how he Hitchhiked around the USA for 14 years.

I put a big announcement on the side of the Maggie Van II saying more or less that I am the world longest perpetual traveler. In a way, it is a challenge, I want to beat the bushes to find other perpetual travelers.

Well, I was sitting in the Pontiac, Illinois McDonald's using the free Internet and drinking a coffee when he walked by saying,
"I hitchhike for 14 years.

Interview with Mike Livingston in Pontiac, Illinois. Mike was a good guy, and how he survived on the road is noteworthy.

Thank you Mike Livingston - Interview with Hitchhiker of America

Andy Lee Graham of

Thanks Mike,

Andy Lee Graham in Pontiac, Illinois


I have tried couchsurfing, and POF to try to meet people, nothing so far, bad luck, and too much work. I will keep trying to learn how to connect with people as I move around the country. Andy

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