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Day 020 Following the Path of The Wabash River in Indiana

The Wabash River in Indiana goes near the cities of Huntington, Wabash, and Peru, Indiana. That is as far as I have gone so far on this USA Road Trip.

Sat, 2 Jun 2012 04:27:19


Me and my sister moved my parents into the Candlewood Suites near the Simon Cancer Center yesterday. My Father will receive a special cancer treatment for the next six month. Generally, it is culture shock as a married couple for 60 years moves from the town of Orland with 400 people to Indianapolis.

I took off from Fort Wayne, and drove toward Huntington, then to Wabash, where I pulled into the Walmart and set up for the night. Both these cities are along the Wabash River, however in the modern world it is hard to know that.

Wabash River Route

I consider this river on of the most important for the History and development of the USA. Back in the day, when the white man came to the USA, they first traveled by river. The popular route was to go up the Saint Lawrence go to Lake Erie, turn South down the Maumee at Toledo, Ohio, then end in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I lived for 14 years.

The would take a portage of eight miles, get on the Wabash that goes to the Ohio, the onto the Mississippi River all the way to New Orleans.

It is no wander the French, and British soldiers and settlers made boom with the Indian and Black Slaves. There was no way to get a beautiful white woman to make this trip all the way to New Orleans.

We bought a zoo

Lying in the Back of "Maggie II the Van" at Walmart in Wabash.

After setting up in the Walmart of Wabash, Indiana that I would think is named after the Wabash River, I watch a movie.

This is one of them movies my Mother would love,
"We Bought a Zoo."

I love movies, and books, they allow me to think about the best in man, and not reality. People are truly good, but often you have to walk over some truly bad apples to get the nobility in people. It is easy to focus on the one jerk, and forget the majority are good, or they are not going to rob you, and in the USA they will say hello, unless the city is too big.


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Harvey Hinklemeyersmore Restaurant in Wabash
1605 N Cass St
Wabash, IN 46992
(260) 274-2811

I parked the Maggie Van II at the one end of the Walmart, parking lot,  it was facing the Harvey Hinklemeyersmore Restaurant. I think they have three of them, one in Peru, Kokomo and the new one in Wabash. As best I can tell, this is one of them Franchise-wanna-bes.

It is nice, I had an ice tea, and saw a couple of really large, I mean extra large pizzas pass me. The staff was friendly, I am still not used to this idea that they will continue to refill my Ice Tea.

I think I live for the extras in the USA.

Free WIFI at Harvey's Place
I should say thank you to Harvey, I also got free WIFI Internet inside my van, although I did not use it much, I did get a chance to check my GPS against Google Maps to see if I am on the path I have chosen. I am trying to avoid the freeway, but in reality, Highway 24 is four lane, with stop lights.

Electrical Plug

I am presently in the McDonald's in Peru, Indiana, and for one U.S. Dollar I get a huge coffee, free Internet. The problem in any and all restaurant that offers WIFI is they normal stop thinking about service after they give you Internet.

No plugs, too much sunlight, and the management does not know how it works, but it does work without benefits.

That plug is weird, I finally realized the white plastic part had twisted, that is first for me, I have never seen this happen to a plug.

A video of the song, "On the banks of the Wabash," talk about a real oldie.

Radio Station Problems

I am trying to figure out away to stop listening to song from the 1960,70's it is amazing how many radio stations are oldies. I like country western, but truly want to listen to Talk Radio like WOWO in Fort Wayne.

Scanning all the stations is annoying.

Well, the sun is shining into the East window of McDonald's, I can no longer see the computer screen.

I am going out to take a photo of a steel bridge, then try to see if my Key thingy will work at the Anytime Fitness here, I can work out, then take a shower, and head for the Illinois border.

I want to go to a Route 66 Museum in Pontiac, Illinois.

Video of Wabash River from a steel suspension bridge in Peru, Indiana.

Thanks for listening.

Andy Lee Graham heading toward Colorado to the TBEX Travel Bloggers convention, after which I am truly free to wander the USA. Note, I have about 17 days to get from Indiana to Colorado, that is truly slow.



Electrical Plug in Peru Indiana McDonalds
Watched the Movies "We Bought a Zoo," in the parking lot of the Walmart in Wabash, Indiana.
Route of Wabash River in Indians onto Ohio.