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Day 019 Indiana Wants Me: Lord I Can't Go Back There (The Song)

There is a song from 1970, called "Indiana Wants Me," this is a nostalgic moment for me, I ready to leave Indiana, going to Illinois on Road Trip of

Thu, 31 May 2012 06:46:56

I am a world traveler, from the State of Indiana, my name is Andy Lee Graham and there are a few things that happens when I say,
"I am from Indiana."

Most often they say,
"Indiana Jones."
From the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
Yet, a few of the older boys, start to sing,
"Indiana wants me, Lord, I can't go back there."

This is one of them one-hit wonder songs, for some odd, and almost unexplainable reason, the song was popular in 1970. I suspect, that any smalltown boy in the USA, any country fed, down on the farm kid related to it. We leave our small towns, we go off in search of the world, the truth is, we still are small town, you just cannot remove it. It is like a love in remission, yes, we try to be a big city kids, but we are fooling ourselves, there is too much small town in us boys from Indiana.

Indiana Crossroads

David Letterman from the "Tonight Show," is from Indiana, and every once in awhile his Indiana charm comes wading out onto stage, I see it, maybe you see it, but all in all, he is "Indiana." You just cannot wash Indiana off of you, it is part of the blood.

Now, I champion small town, I know them big city folk are full of it, they think they are sophisticated, and all that means to me, is they want boys to marry boys, like that is some big benefit for the world, they lost the plot.

But this song R. Dean Taylor, a Candian who somehow understood, when he sang about Indiana. The State of Indiana, the "Crossroad of America," the state that is part of the essense of the USA.

When I watch the movie "Saving Private Ryan," and they drove up to tell the mother that her sons had died, it looked just like the Graham farm out on Adam Road, near Orland, Indiana, which is still on a gravel road, thank God, something to hold onto and remember.

Not everything has to change, but as far as I know, Indiana will alway want me...

Have a moment and listen to the song.

I am ready to leave Indiana, on Friday, I take my Father and Mother down to Indianapolis, they will move into Candlewood Suites, and my Father will have cancer treatment for the next six months at the Simon Cancer Center.

Not a good moment, but a hopefull one for the Graham family from smalltown Orland, Indiana, a town of 400 people, that be me, Andy Graham from Orland, Indiana, and proud of it.

I suspect, I will point the "Maggie Van II" towards Pontiac, Illinois on Sunday, and go see the Highway 66 Museum on Monday.

I willl escape from Indiana, and meander my way towards Colorado, for that big city kid thing called TBEX / BlogWorld --- Travel Bloggers Convention. I am small town, going to some big town thingy, not really sure I understand, but here I go.

I am wondering how many of these travel Bloggers will be a traveling there? I mean, how many will be on the road, on the path, who will be "Travelers?"

I will be driving there, living in the "Maggie Van II," sleeping for free in Walmart parking lot, it feels more like the true spirit of America this way.

I am a traveler, therefore I travel, "A life less normal."

A big world traveler, from a small town called, "Orland, Indiana." I hope Indiana still claims me, and that Indiana still wants me. Thank you Indiana, the state that made me, or Made in Indian, or born in the USA.

Andy Lee Graham

Maybe, this is one them Andy moments, I am searching for the Spirit of America, I am worried the country has turned into a bunch of spoiled brats.

Cornfed boys

These boys look like they belong to the "Small Town Club."

Sometimes a small town boy needs to remember how to be a small town boy, lest he forget what granted him the bravery to see the world with eyes wide open.

Matt Dillon Saving Private Ryan
Indian Crossroads of America.