Day 018 Ten Dead In Chicago in USA, I am Close to a War Zone Again

Everyone insinuates that world travel is dangerous, and that I am nuts, it is hard to decide if I am crazy, or the American people.


Americans talk to me as if I am crazy for being a world traveler for 14 years. I know they watch the slanderous reports by CNN about other countries and think they are real, what am I supposed to do?

I say to my friends,
"The USA people have guns."
"I live in places where the only dangerous people with guns are the police."

"They won't let normal people have guns."

A war in chicago

We could debate that for days, but the bottom line, is a small man, can become a big man with a gun in his hand.

I was recently robbed in the Dominican Republic, probably the most dangerous country I have ever visited. And, they also have guns, there is something about power that enables violence to grow.

10 People Dead in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend 2012

What can I say... I am on a Road Trip around the USA, and I am going to circumvent the large cities. I know the bigger the city, the more the problems, the smaller the town, the safer is becomes.

Urban Density + Cultural Diversity + Immigration = Violence

Africa is insanely safe: Why?

Many culture in Africa have barely changed in 1000-2000 years, they are doing things the same as they have always done, and they just do not put up with trouble makers.

However, when people go off to the city, to escape their father, their mother, their grandfather, their grandmother, they are free to become trouble makers.

But in Africa, the only ones again who have guns is the police.

Africa has 52 countries.

Gee, just because one small country has a war, does not mean all 52 of the rest are dangerous.

I think of driving on the freeway inside Chicago, I could accidentally get off the the ramp, get confused, and end up being in gangland.

Let me think, have I ever heard of a drive-by shooting outside the USA?

Not in my 14 years of living in 90 countries.

Again, the only country I know where foreigners get killed by violence is in the Dominican Republic. I suppose some Mexican looking Americans get killed in Mexico.

Don't you just love the political correct planet.... hehehe?

Even a Hobo is afraid to say exactly what he is thinking.


Crime is about neighborhoods, if you can avoid a bad neighborhood, you are safe. However, the American public wants to believe that all people want the same, they do not, there are areas of the USA that are war zones. As always, the best way to enter one of them is to rent a car. These bad neighborhood need defined as incredibly danger. This is not a country thing, every country has problem areas. South Africa, one of the most highly tourists country in Africa is number one, this is always the bad apple shining. The USA should not be on the list...


You have yet to explore New Mexico: The overdose capitol of America ,For a pedestrian the 6th most dangerous place in the nation . If you are struck by a car here chances are the driver is drunk and 8 times out of 10 the driver will run . Lots of people in Government end their term in prison.Corruption and back room deals with kick backs are the normal order of the day . Want to study 3rd world politics just come to New Mexico ,corruption is the normal course of the day . Albuquerque has over 6,000 unnatural deaths a year ,that means people who die before the age of 70 of causes other than heart attack, stroke, etc. That means you die early of some kind of violence ,drug overdose ,motor vehicle accidents at the hands of drunk drivers . To be at the top of every bad list there is New Mexico's only claim to fame . Come on vacation ,leave on probation,come back on a violation !!!! LOL As shit holes and dung heaps go this place claims first place hands down .Might want to get some bullet proofing done on your van before venturing into the land of homeies here in New Mexico. Maybe hire a door gunner as well . 80 year old ladies are life long gang bangers and they have guns for sure . This is the land of 400 lb welfare queens ,our official language is SPANGLISH .One of our tourists attractions is the lingerie department at Wal Mart where the buffalo's roam . 400lbers buying thongs . If that dont make you wish you were blind nothing ever will. As a leather worker I wish I could get my hands on the thread used in the construction of those giant thongs . With that I could make rodeo gear I could guarantee for life . If the stitching ever broke on those giant drawers there would be a sonic boom and surely some one would loose and eye and go deaf. I hear the store announcement in my nightmares " Clean Up On Aisle 5" Yes ,New Mexico should defiantly be on your list of places to see. My advise is to get your shots for Ebola ,have a suitcase of money for bribes and bail ,get a case of liquor and come party with the homeies .


I made the mistake of turning on CNN, nothing good ever comes from watching that for me, it always makes me depressed, or angry. Normal TV in the USA is horrible depress, not the shows, the commercials. Funny how Mexicans inside of Mexico are more civilized than the ones that immigrate. There is something strange about people who go live abroad. I think we, or them, or me, or anyone who goes abroad to live has about a 90 percent chance of being angry, or wanting something for nothing. Immigration or emmigration is truly a horrible thing to a culture.

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