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Day 017 Roller Coaster Weather is Unacceptable

If you could live anywhere, would you choose the weather where you live?

Sun, 27 May 2012 13:27:24


People in the USA can live anywhere they want inside the USA, and sadly the main reason they move is to earn money. It is sad that you can pay a person to leave their Mother, Father, friends, and family, in reality, money is more important than love.

I want people to get off the cultural train, I want people of the world to choose happiness over money, it is my dream.

Roller Coaster Weather

93 Degrees in Indiana Today, it is Unacceptable

Everyone around me thinks this is normal, one day the roller coaster goes up to 93 degrees, and in a few hours, it could be 50 degrees. One day it is cold, the next day it hot, a person needs to check the weather, it is impossible to plan.

The variance of temperature feels radical, in comparison to my normal tropical home. I have lived the last 14 years in the tropics, I avoid Europe because it is farther north than America.

Who want to live in a snowbank? It just is not reasonable.

Can a normal human make a choice to live their life in a pleasant climate, or do they only move there when they are retire, money is too important to live your whole life in paradise.

Can a normal human put family, and friends above money? Or if they are offered enough money do they just stand on their head?

There has never been more freedom on the planet, the planet is safe. The news is horrible liars, they make everything a crisis, a catastrophe, peace is breaking out on the whole planet.

Maybe the rich are creating a climate of fear to control their people, I do not believe that, I think it comes naturally.

But, the American culture still is for sale, too sad.

I will not live in one country when I retire, I will live in 4-5, I will move between my favorite places in tune with the weather, seasons, cost, and friends, and family.

Plan your escape....

Roller Coaster Weather