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Day 015 USA Road Trip Problems to Solve as of May 25, 2012

Day 015 -- USA Road Trip -- Here is my list of problems I am working on, maybe you have solutions or ideas.

Fri, 25 May 2012 07:03:31

Generally, living in the van is great, it feels good to be complete mobile.

List of "Drive the USA" problems, that still need solutions.
I have already solved the majority.

1. Where to find shade to park my van between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm? I want to punch into my GPS a search, and then find it in any city, I need shade to keep the inside temperature of van comfortable for an afternoon nap.

2. I need a cheap shelf system in van for two computers.

3. How to open the windows on van, yet not allow criminals, insects, or rain to enter.

4. --- Hehehe, how to pay for gas, this is amazing, to keep at a 10 dollar per day gas budget is truly a challenge.

Thanks Andy Lee Graham, in Fort Wayne, Indiana today.

Route 66