Day 014 Drove My Father to Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

My Father has prostate cancer that moved into his back, he is doing a special treatment at the Simon Cancer Center 200 Miles from home in Orland, Indiana.

I drove my Mother and Father from Orland to Indianapolis, Indiana to the Simon Cancer Center.

My Father, Jerold Graham will have this treatment:

"Sipuleucel-T with concurrent versus sequential administration of baritone acetate plus predisone in men with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer."

Dr. Noah Hahn MD
Indiana University Cancer Center
535 Barnhill Drive Suite 473
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: (317) 944-0920

Lance Armstrong

--- Lance Armstrong went to the IU cancer center, or somehow was helped.---

This cost more than any normal family can afford.

My parents did everything correct, they graduated from school, they were good loyal factory workers. My mother worked at Dana until they closed the factory, my father worked at the Litton factory until they closed the factory. Both did what the American culture told them to do. Go to church, be good people, pay you taxes, and try to be good people.

They just celebrated their 60 wedding anniversaries, my mother was cheerleader, and my father one of the best baseball players ever seen in Steuben county. Five children that all went to college, life is good, family reunions with swarms of children.

Can any American plan ahead for this expense... ?

Cancer is often curable if you have enough money, brains, and are willing to do what you got to do.

Grahams live to be between 90-95 years old, my father is 79, he has about 10 more years on the board.

I know that American ingenuity can solve the world problems, I just hope that the self-serving desires of the group, the mainstream public profit-making animals can stop.

Melvin Simon

--- Melvin Simon --- Developers of Shopping Malls

I appreciate the extremely rich in America.

Thank you Melvin and Ben Simon, who probably donated the money to build this cancer facility.

I kept hearing the name, the "Simon Cancer Center," and I remember my real estate research, when I was a broker in Indiana. Simon is or was the biggest "Mall" developer in the world, I believe. He was based in Indianapolis, and he is smart, rich, and gave back to his people.

Thank you.

Thank you Bill Gates for doing the Malaria research.

Thank you Warren Buffet for giving billions.

Thank you Andrew Carnegie for giving he libraries I will visit on this USA Road Trip.

My parents are good people, I am because of that, I am good people.

There is a growing malady on the planet, where people celebrate the clever idiots like Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, he is a sociopath at heart. He is willing to dumb down the American public so he can make money, he is willing to take advantage of common people like my parents, who will never understand what he is doing.

The USA can solve cancer, how to fuel cars cleanly, how to employ the people of the planet, and how to slow down war, or at least the USA can do some heavy lifting.

It is by doing what is right, not by doing what is profitable.

Thank you again Simon.

Andy Lee Graham, the son of Jerold and Sharry Graham from Orland, Indiana. I am extremely proud to be from this small farm community, which is a shining star on the planet, and I have seen 90 of the countries, only 162 more to go.

I strive to tell you what you need to hear about the planet, to chronicle the real world, not to sell you what you do not need.

Thanks again, Andy Lee Graham

The time to become a philanthropist is today, just pretend every day that you are part of the extremely rich, and you do not need money.


Now on this subject you are passionate ,that's what I expect to read PASSION . The sad truth about America is as a group collectively we will not say NO in a focused fashion .No to out sourcing ,no to goods from China no to injustice, no to bad health care .no to things that dont work . All the things you wished for here are possible if we just say No to the BS that our government tells us . Its time maybe to stop believing and start doing some thing on our own .Your story Andy is not unique ,across this great land others are in the same boat . There is a common thread binding all these good people together "they believed " Perhaps this is the story of America that you should tell. I believe this story exists on every street in America and no one is telling it . I can feel the power of your words and your conviction that things can and should be better . The only thing left now is to make it so.


Thank you, truly I am afraid of my own passion, I am more than willing to bite to get something done. I believe in America, and at the same time ashamed when people strive to be clever, and not do the next good thing.


The sad reality is we have become like the devices in our lives. If they cost to much to fix we send them to the land fill . That appears to be our future as well. No matter how I try I can not argue against this. It makes no sense to spend millions on some one of advanced age and bad health .The out come is just a delay of reality .I am in agreement with Phil when its time its time .

Page Turner

If this trial your dad is in will stop cancer in its tracks as the doctors hope it will save a huge amount of money for health care. Insurance can stop having to pay for all the many years that cancer sometimes goes on because it will stop it at the beginning stages. It will not be a late stage treatment if the trail works out.


It is easy to say, I will gracefully die, but in reality, until you are in the foxhole, you never know. I personally believe nobody dies gracefully, I believe death is ugly, mean, and full of problems. I can only hope I die quickly, so none of the decisions of elongating live are needed to be made. I believe the business practices of Hospitals is close to the worst. I priced out a tune up yesterday, they wanted 275 for my Chevy Astro, and I figure it out, they wanted 200 in labor. I can so the work myself in 1.5 hours, so I guess I will make 75 dollars per hour. 90 percent of the people on the planet cannot do math, they are incapable of making critical decisons. I just left Kroger, they had a small bag of granola for 6.50, this is mostly cheap oatmeal, it just is stupid to buy it for that price, but the do. I think people buy what is their temptations and never once think, there is not even prices on things in some stores, yet the people buy. The prices in the USA for medical are high because nobody looks at the doctor and say, you are kind of crazy.


I believe a professional person should be payed fairly for their expertise . The problem with hospitals is the making of money is heartless . They can charge any thing because the alternative to no treatment is death . You can choose of course either one to pay or not . This will never be a issue for me ,as I have no money . When I get sick I either get better or I die simple as that . Best to pay attention to ones health . I have not had a car in 15 years ,never will again . I have learned to do with out . Thats not possible for every one I understand .Those costs of owning a car are forever gone from my life . No gas ,insurance ,tires ,tune ups .etc. That money I can use for other things . Point is there are lots of things I dont like ,and I have tried to eliminate all of them .

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