Day 012 America Love It or Leave It

This is a threat, do not be mistaken.

"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."
- Robert Frost

I am a foreigner in my own country, I was born in the State of Indiana and live here until age 42. After living outside the USA for 14 years, I am sort of afraid, I am worried, I do not feel comfortable inside the USA, I am in a foreign land, I am not home.

“The traveler is the one who constantly pushes themselves out of their comfort zone as often as humanly possible.”
- Doug Lansky

I am homeless, I do not feel comfortable in the USA:

I say, I am homeless, and I am technically, I do not rent a home, I do not own a home, all my possessions will fit into a backpack. However, I have always thought of Indiana as my home, a place where life is easy, and I can relax and feel comfortable. This is no longer true, yes, it was relaxing for the first month, but now I am extremely uncomfortable, my rose colored glasses are off, and I am feeling the USA as it truly is, not in some romantic, I love America way.

It is strange to feel like a foreigner in my home country, I have joked about this being hte "Americanization of Andy Tour," but that is also a scary proposition. I do not want forget all the lessons I have learned about living, and return to the slavery of the American culture.


--- Pride, a great way to be lonely.

Normally, Educated People are Arrogant

The Robert Frost quote above is my goal, I no longer wish to complain or rant about the problems of the world. I do not care if Obana or Romney wins the Presidential Election, I just cannot see the big difference between the two men.

Educated Americans somehow believe we are different than Europeans, yet, I have learned that Chinese people are different, and Americans are just slightly different than Europeans.

I hope to rise above, and take the 500 year view.

I want the reader to know, yes, I am a curmudgeon, I am "Hemingway Sarcastic," and try to be "Mark Twain Ironic." Yet, in real life, when you meet me, I strive to be a "Politician Glad Hander."

I think I am achieving this, when talking with people on the telephone, when talking in the restaurant, I agree, nod my head, and allow the people around me to build a full head of steam, without me standing on the railway track in their path. We can become friends, because I no longer dream of changing the planet, and for sure I am not arrogant enough to believe Missionaries or by Donating money we can save the poor of the planet.

But, American Love it or Leave

This is a threat, it means, shut up, fall in line, obey the person talking, and I think telling to a Mexican, Indian, or Islamic person in the USA makes good sense, but to another born in America American is way of the edge of good manners arrogant. I do not believe it is good for America to have immigrants, cultural diversity is just a place where people argue more.

But, America Love it or Keep Quiet is Correct

I am in the USA, and I vow to do my best to not complain, I do hope to point out all the small American idiosyncrasies in an enlightening way, so you, me, and all the Americans around me can see ourselves more clearly.

Only when I find a person with the 500 year view of things, when they realize the petty day to day happenings is just talking for kicks, the Glen Beck is for fun, that politics is a hilarious politics, and that nobody in the USA is poor or starving, then we will talk more serious, I will stop being mister personality.

500 years from now, nobody will look back and remember you or me, and for sure the weather and where you kid went to college is not important.

Avoid working as much as possible, you will never win the battle, only a fool continues to beat a dead horse after age 40.



I have lived and worked in both Asia and Europe for over 8 yrs. I can understand your awakening at returining to the U. S.
I prefer to live in Europe except it has become to expensive compared to my living here. I'm retired.
North East Italy south of Venice is my favorite area.
What a lot of people do not understand is as an expat it is an easier life because we usually lose our interest in American politics and problems and we generally have little interest in the country we choose to live in as we have no real say.
As long as we can afford to live a middle class, upward life style and know if a serious problem comes about we can usually get out quickly, just don't get attached to things.
I still am fortunate I can afford to travel to these and new areas every year and am now planning a possible lengthy southern, eastern coastal tour of the U. S. for approx 4 to 5 months later on. I have also already visited much of the U. S.
America does have a lot of interesting places to visit and people to meet but I know I will still always prefer Europe.


I enjoy being rich, I have been to Europe maybe 10 times, and have lived there about one year of my life. For me to feel rich there, I would need be able to spend 2000 USD per week, or earn about 150K.


Working at 71, there is nothing wrong with working at 71, generally, most people enjoy working, and cannot seem to find things to do, but I can.

Phil J

Wow Andy. You really hit it right on the head. And a happy person is one who sees things like that. I share your feelings about the US being a foreign country. I love it for brief stays to visit family and go camping and sight seeing a little off the beaten track. But after a while I long for tropical breezes, coconut palms and pretty brown skinned girls who smile and laugh a lot.
I also take the 500 to 1500 year view. And by seeing history you can anticipate the present day changes and jump out of the way of things you do not want to be a part of. I love it. I love life and all it has to offer. Warm friends, cold pepsi, and tasty foods are just a few of the pleasant things in life worth living for.
Take care and keep writing. It makes a difference in a lot of peoples day.

Neil V

Don't worry Andy, we are not becoming a more diverse society. Rather, we are shifting from immigrants originating from Europe to ones coming from just one country south of the border. At the rate of which illegal aliens (Mexicans) are giving birth to children on U.S. soil, we are fast becoming the United States of Mexico. Travel to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California and you will see that this has already happened. Just check out the elementary schools to see what the future is fast becoming.

A friend from Panama has a Panamanian friend that keeps coming to the U.S. to give birth and then leaving and not paying the bill. The hospital bills are about $20,000 per child. Mexicans are doing the same routinely so rest of us that reside here year round have to pay the bill in the form of texas - not funny. We don't all have the luxury of being able to escape such yourself. You are right, none of this will mean anything in 500 years.

Neil V

However, I do not care about 500 years from now since I will not be living on this planet. What matters to me is the here, now and next 40 years, the time period that spans my life here on earth and for those with children or grandchildren their liftetimes here on earth matter as well. We don't all have the luxury of being able to escape to another country or culture with such ease. We cannot all be bloogers or where would we get our goods. Thankfully each has a part to play and for some that means a life on U.S. soil.


I deserve the life I have, and I keep trying my best to explain, it does not cost great sums of money to live. I eat very well on 5-7 dollars per day in the USA, this is the funny part, and many people would say it is not possible, all is possible. In a way, it is 10 times cheaper to travel than to buy a house, and be a slave to the house.

Phil J

I guess a comment on my reasons for not fighting the system would be in order. For me, fighting the status and trying to change the world would just create useless stress. And in the end, it would make no difference. The stress would just shorten my life. I prefer to spend the rest of my life enjoying life. I forgo all crusades. LOL. The only crusade I am on is the quest for happiness. Why should happiness be only for the upper income and super rich. Why is it ok for them to spend all day pursuing happiness but not for me. Who wrote that law and then started repeating it on tv often enough that some people believe it.
So it is off to the far far western pacific to regain my perspective and ability to have fun. And believe me, I do have fun. Each and every day, all day and all night. Once again I will feel the gentle trade winds blowing and hear the palm fronds clicking and the lilt of a nice melody.

Neil V

I am grateful for the life I live. Yes, Andy, Americans do live way beyond there means and spend much more than necessary, especially on food. Most wives want a homestead, something true of ladies on the Ivory Coast as well - ring bell. My wife is Colombian and even in Colombia where it is safe it is expensive. But to rent, this is the trick if one does not want to be tied down. Andy you should look at Groupons for discounts on many items such as food. Also, consider penny auctions with which I am less familiar.


Yes, I know what You mean! I am a American, I work every day , live frugally, keep clean etc and I still get the "get a job look hippy", hehe I have short cropped hair, no tattoos etc, My personal and therefore ,limited experiences with people make Me wish that all states ,not just Indiana had a eugenics and sterilization program like they did in the twenties.Some people have been a absolute delight ,but sadly they are a tiny minority, the rest?, well the word "savages" comes to mind.

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