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Day 011 Video of Bird that Eats Mosquitoes in Kendalville Indiana

My brother in law showed me a home made place for birds to nest at his home in Kendalville, Indiana.

Fri, 18 May 2012 12:47:40

I drove to Middlebury, Indiana and had lunch with my friend Pete, an incredibly smart man on computers. Then finally decided I could not handle the tourism at Shipshewana, so I drove to Kendalville to pick up a solar hot water device for the top of my van, my brother in law Jeff helped glue it together.

I am still trying to accumulate all the things I want or need to outfit my van for this USA Road Trip. 

Hot WAter

Solar Heated Water 

Swallow that eats Mosquitoes

As I was driving to my brother in laws house, I almost hit a pheasant, then another flew up and landed in a corn field. I was not able to get my to my camera fast enough to take the photo.

However, it was ironic that Jeff showed me this homemade bird nesting thing, and then explained how the Swallows will eat mosquitoes.

Along the roads in Indiana there are many animals, since the general public has almost stopped hunting, the animal population continues to grow.

People in Northern Indiana have to take great care to not hit deer.


Solar Hot Water shower
Bird that Eats Mosquitoes