Day 007 Wind Turbine near Kokomo Indiana

I was driving along the road East of Kokomo, Indiana when I stopped and made this video.

I am on a road trip of the USA, as I was traveling East of Kokomo, Indiana I saw a wind turbine in the front yard of a house. Now, we drive very fast in the USA, and it takes roughly one half mile to find a place to turn around. Sadly, I often just pass on by some of the best things because of the time, cost, and danger of trying to turn around and make a video.

I am trying desperately to slow my life down in the USA, to slow the traffic down, to refuse to become part of the USA culture of speed. Well, I stopped myself long enough to view this wind turbine.

How much does it cost? Is this sustainable?

Generally, these type of projects like wind turbines, solar, and methane, etc. are not sustainable. My rule of thumb is this, if you can go build it yourself in the back yard in a day, it probably is a good idea. If you need to buy it, you are probably are buying an expensive play toy.

I could not find the price on their page --- standard for expensive play toys. 



If you had to live in the middle of nowhere and a windy place off the grid
it would make sense.
But with all those power lines in the front means that it is just a piece of yard-art.


Hoya is about right. Beyond that however is the independence you gain by being off the grid, and the use of a combination of solar and wind for 'peak shaving' most utilities effectively increase the bill and the rate by use of 'demand charges' etc when you use more power than the published minimum kilowatts for longer than 15 minutes in a 3 month period. That turns out be a nasty surcharge. That system depending on the details is over 10,000 dollars installed maybe over $20,000 you can search costs per KW for wind on google.

The smallest you can buy is 1kw, that looks like it might be 5 or even 10kw, but not larger. 10kw will run a house and charge an electric car. with federal subsidies pay back with luck might be in the 5 to 10 year range. Its quite variable all around. maintenance and replacement costs of the turbine and batteries and electronics at 10 years or so can all but wipe out the net savings.

That is conveniently left out of most calculations.

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