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Day 005 Nashville Indiana Tourist Trap

Stopped into Nashville, Indiana for an hour, it is close to Brown County State Park in southern Indiana.

Sat, 12 May 2012 06:04:31

I left Bloomington, Indiana and drove to Nashville, Indiana, a smaller town which is just outside of the very large Indiana state park called "Brown Country. I thought and thought about entering Brown County, but being that Nashville was empty of people, my goal of entering Brown County would be for naught.

I wanted to go park my van for a couple of day in the primitive camping, save some money, and talk with other travelers. May 11, 2012 and it is still too cold in Indiana to attract many camper to the park. I decide to move onto Franklin, Indiana.

The number one thing tourist do in the world for entertainment is shop, and Nashville is a world class tourist shopping center. I call them tourist traps, because nothing is needed, and nothing is cheap, somehow the mind become confused and calls buying cute little items part of the tourist attraction. What is attractive about Brown County is the beautiful drive through the small hills of southern Indiana. This is a nature trip, but nature quickly pushes fat people to the shopping, and eating.

Nashville is a great day trip for the Indiana University student with their parents.

Nature, Trees, and Hiking

I am alone, and generally, NOT a hermit, I travel to talk with people, this is my enjoyment to talk with the people on the planet. Well, tourist traps are full of smiling couples, smiling people, but not the best place to have a conversation. I am overwhelmed with being inside nature, and spend most of my time outside the cities, I do not like cities, and normally nature, trees, and hiking are for city folk. I am always living in natural areas, this is standard for me, it is where I am comfortable.

Europeans Complain about Americans

I have been listening to the Europeans complain about the ingénue greetings from Americans. I think I am finally able to empathize, Americans are a friendly lot, but hard to get into a serious, intimate conversation out of them. We Americans feel compelled, it is an obligation to be neighborly, but often it is just lip service, something we do, part of our culture. And, generally this hello, how are you comments are abundant in Tourist Traps in the USA.

However, I believe real friendship is easy to find in small town Indiana, the USA is a great place, when you slow it down to small town speeds.

There is a desire to romanticize antique lifestyles, somehow life 50-100 years ago was better than today. I do not know, but I am sure that walking into a store that sells me a romanticized version of yesteryears is not real, it feels fake.

Andy Lee Graham

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Nashville, Indiana

Nashville is a town in Washington Township, Brown County, Indiana, United States. The population was 803 at the 2010 census. The town is the county seat of Brown County and is the county's only incorporated town. The town is best known as the center of the Brown County Art Colony and as a tourist destination.


Settlement of land in and around Nashville began with the acquisition of land from native populations under the 1809 Treaty of Fort Wayne. This was expanded with more acquisitions under the 1818 Treaty of St. Mary's. Founded in 1836 by county agent Banner C. Brummet, it was first named Jacksonburg. The population of the entire county was estimated to be 150 in 1830. The first Nashville courthouse was constructed in 1837 and a jail was added in the same year. By 1840, area population had grown to 2,364. The town was officially incorporated in 1872. By the turn of the century, heavy logging in the area had caused significant deforestation which resulted in dramatic erosion problems. The population shrunk over the span of several decades and did not recover to 1890 levels until 90 years later in 1980.

Nashville Indiana Tourist Trap