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Day 002 Decatur Indiana Video of Courthouse and Nice Lady - Road Trip USA

Video of Decatur, Courthouse this is day 2 of my Road Trip around the USA, I am Andy Lee Graham and on May, 8, 2012 I slept in the Walmart parking lot.

Wed, 9 May 2012 06:36:34

I spent the night at the Decatur, Indiana Walmart, it was nice, truly there is no reason to pay money for sleeping. We want to see the world, but often we pay more for the 7-9 hours we are sleeping.

Well, I woke up at about 5:00 am, it was cold, so I turned on the van, then drove to McDonald's for a cup of coffee. I was happy, I am happier traveling, therefore I am eating less, when I am unhappy I eat.

Sitting in the nice McDonald's I thought, it is a shame to be in any city and not take a look. I got on the WikiPedia page and noticed: Wow, this is an older village and all I am seeing is modern strip malls. I got in the van, type in "Court" on the Tom Tom GPS, this thing is a true windfall for a traveler. I drove to the courthouse, parked near where the Decatur Police have a parking spot. This was truly nice, I cannot get near the Police when I am abroad, they are corrupt and would want money.

I changed my clothes, this is one of the more difficult parts of living in a van. This is a video of the Decatur Courthouse, and what was wonderful, at 7:00 am, a woman working for the the Courthouse said hello and explained the building.

Thanks Decatur for showing me the good.
Andy Lee Graham

Video in front of the Decatur, Indiana Courthouse on May 9, 2012.

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Decatur, Indiana

Decatur is a city in Root and Washington townships, Adams County, Indiana, United States. The city, which serves as the county seat of Adams County , takes its name after the prominent war hero Stephen Decatur, Jr., one of the captains of the original 6 frigates of the US navy. When Indiana claimed official statehood in 1816, Decatur's name was as well known and revered as any star/celebrity today, thus when the town of Decatur was founded in 1836 it took its name in honor of the war hero. Decatur is home to Adams Memorial Hospital, which was deisgnated as one of the "TOP 100" Critical Acess Hospitals in the United States. The population of Decatur was 9,405 at the 2010 census.

Some of the larger employers in Decatur include All American Homes, Bunge Limited, Fleetwood RV, and Thunderbird Products.

Five unique restaurants well known in the surrounding area draw a large number of diners: Arnold's Drive-In, Back 40 Junction, The Galley, Two Brothers Bar and Restaurant, and the West End Restaurant. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, well known for performance tuning and producing after-market parts for GM sports cars (especially the Chevrolet Corvette) is located in Decatur.   Notable residents

Notable People
Adams County courthouse, Decatur, Indiana, 1935 Bob Hite, Sr., radio and television announcer for CBS

Decatur Indiana Courthouse