Day 001 Crazy First Night in Van on My Road Trip of USA - Road Trip USA

Day One of USA road trip: I spent the first night in the Walmart Super Center in Kendalville, Indiana and a shopping cart hit the back of my van.

May 5, First Night Sleeping in Van

The Walmart parking lot is a great place to park and sleep on my USA Road Trip. I was sleeping great when I was woken by what I thought was a car hitting the back of my van. I had taken off all my clothing, and I wanted to look at what happened quickly. Therefore I wrapped a sheet around me, opened the side door and ran around to the back.
"I was hit by a shopping cart."

Scared me, but nothing was damaged.

I notice in the Fort Wayne Walmart that motor homes parked at the edge of the parking lot, now I understand why.

I was going to take a photo of the shopping cart in the morning, but when I woke and walked around back the staff of Walmart had already removed it.

Road Trip Van in Walmart


I slept in the Kendalville, Indiana Walmart, it was my first time.


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