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Budgeting and Prioritizing is Constant on USA Road Trip

I am on a trip around the USA, I am just starting, and budgeting and prioritizing uses too much bandwidth in my brain.

Sat, 12 May 2012 04:36:33

A piece of paper never forgets...

I create "systems" to manage my life, whereby I do not need to budget or prioritize, the system manages my life. This relieves me of stress or thinking, and I am much happier.

For example, I have carried index cards and a pen for over 30 years, when someone says something I want to remember, I write it down. I use one idea per index card, then later I enter the data into my computer, the card remains until I know how to file the information.

What does this do? The job of remembering is delegated to the piece of paper.


Food Budget System: I like to keep my food budget to around 5 USD per day, this is easy enough, when I enter a store or restaurant, I only buy one dollar worth of food each time. It is difficult to enter stores or restaurants more than five times per day. And, when I go out with friends to eat, this is part of my entertainment budget and not my food budget. I do not have to calculate my budget, there is no need to add up money, and try to constrict or conserve, my budgeting and prioritizing is done in the store..

USA Road Trip Prioritizing and Budgeting

I have only been on this USA Road Trip now for about a week, but it feels like I spend al my time thinking prioritizing and budgeting. Gas is today at 3.66 here in Franklin, Indiana. I would like to keep my gas budget to around 10 dollar per day, but have yet to create a system Generally, for 10 dollars, I can only drive about 40 miles per day, which is close to impossible if move daily. Therefore it appears I need to stay in one location where I do not need to drive my van.

Can I park my van, and not drive to save money? Maybe this is possible in a state park, but then I would need to buy more food, it would conflict with my food budget. I have yet to find anywhere in the USA that does not require me to drive, opposite of when I live abroad, I can live in 85 percent of countries and not even drive a car.

List of things I need to prioritize or budget, until I create a system.

1. Battery use on my computer.

2. The amount of time I watch movies on computer in a day.

3. The number of miles I drive in a day.

4. The number of times I enter McDonald's, I do not want to get kicked out.

5. The length of time I am in McDonald's, I hope to figure out a way to find and use libraries quickly.

6. Showers, I need to prioritize my travel path so I can take a shower. I am looking for boondocking locations, presently I am planning all my trips so there is a Walmart close, whereby I can park my van at night and sleep.

7. I need to study the map continuously, to arrange the location of what to see, where to shower, and where to sleep.

Generally, when I am overseas, i just find a hotel and stay a week, that is the heavy lifting. I can find room for around 10 dollars in the USA, but I need to live for a month in each location. Generally, I have no desire to live in any one location in the USA for that long, except for close to my home.

I like to spend my whole day asking myself, "Where can I go to have fun, where are some fun people for talking?"

Generally, people who get married solve this problem, but cannot travel, because one of the two people refuses to budget or prioritize.

Generally, I believe that humans are incapable of prioritizing or budgeting, they use all their time or money, and when it gone, they complain. Humans need to pay the rent or mortgage payment first, to hold hostage their place to live.

It is easier to save money, then to earn money. I know one thing, I am extremely rich in time, there is no need to say, I am too busy. But, I am greedy with my time, I do not want to become like 90 percent of the people around me.

The have a grimace on their face, you can tell they are thinking too much, they are prioritizing continuously in their heads.

Andy Lee Graham in Franklin, Indiana

And for sure, I do not need to eat more than one dollar per day, I can get fat on that much money, it is amazing.

Budgeting and Prioritizing is Constant

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