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A Van Conversion Feels Like the America I Gave Up on 14 Years Ago

I left the USA 14 years ago, I want to return but I refuse to walk back into the same American rut for this USA road trip.

Van convert

Many people are sending me e-mails about,
"How to do a van conversion."

Buying is an Americanism, and making work where there is no work is an Americanism.

I am not going to convert a van to anything....

I do not want a converted van, I do not want a van, I am going to buy a mini-van to travel around the USA, I have no choice.

I refuse to do this too silly for words thing of buying, fixing, planning, and both spending all my time doing, being too busy to enjoy life. That is the America I walked away from 14 years ago.

What do I really need?

I need a "Hotel Room" that can move.

I am going to buy a space, about 8 feet wide by 10 feet long, a square area, with a light in the center of the ceiling.

If you think about it, that is what a Hotel room is, a 10 x 12 area with light in the center, then they put a bed in the middle.

All I want is space in the back of a van to sleep, I am not going to convert anything, maybe put up some curtains.

I am always amazed how the American culture wants to spend money.

I am always amazed how American invest in things that do not pay off.

I am always amazed how they can feel guilty when they are doing nothing.

I am not going to do work to a van, I am going to sleep in it. I hate the whole idea of owning van, it is something I need because the USA has horrible public transport and American has priced the country too expensive for living.

Thanks, but no thanks, I left the major parts of the USA culture behind, and I am never returning.

Andy Graham

Page Turner

Did you ever think of going from place to place on a bus? Perhaps stay longer in each place in cheap housing and go to all these libraries you find everywhere and talk about your book?????

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