My Thai Girlfriend


My Thai Girlfriend

What a Thai Girl Teaches

1. People that you love you come back.

2. Use the water to wash, and the toilet paper to dry.

3. To be seen with me in public is a disgrace.

4. You can tie a curtain in a knot and it is the same as pulling the curtain.

5. Let the water run in the toilet a little and the bucket will be full when you return.

6. They sell skin whiteners, because white skin is better.
(I do not believe this, she believes this, I encourage her to get browner.)

7. There are pieces of loose skin or parts of my body that are not perfect, but another person can clean or preen.

8. Clothes need cleaned.

9. Communication does not need to involve words.

10. Take a shower and if in doubt, take another shower, and just in case take a shower.

11. She does not want my nose, she want the bridge of my nose.

12. Dating a Thai or Asian girl is a good way to not have to deal with the new world.

13. She does not believe in re-incarnation and laughed when I mentioned this about Buddhism.

14. She is not a lady, or a lady friend, this is the English Thai phrase keywords for prostitute. She is a girl, a girl friend, or just a friend, but never a lady.

15. If you can touch in public, kiss in public, touch her head, she will introduce you to her parents, she is maybe a prostitute.

16. She gets angry when I talk about Khao San Road, Sukumvit, Pataya, Phuket, she want to know why I would go there?


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