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USA Extended Stay Hotels Could Help Us To Retire Abroad Painlessly - Retirement

How to stop all regular monthly bills in the USA? If we can stop them all, we can live abroad with less pain, extended stay hotels is one solution.

Sun, 4 Jan 2015 23:48:53

To retire abroad, to live abroad, to wander the planet as a nomad, we need to stop all the monthly payments. As a non-stop world traveler for over 16 plus years, the idea of paying a monthly bill seems ludicrous, I love my freedom to much to risk having them. Mainly, I love the freedom of not thinking about what I need to do, my brain is free of the muddle, my brain is not full of muddy waters.

I know a monthly bill is the end of freedom.

Candelwood Suites

This is an example of an extended stay hotel, they can be very expensive, but they can also grant you freedom from:

1. Cable TV bill.

2. Electric bill.

3. Water and Sewer bill.

4. Internet bill.

5. Car payments, they sometimes have city shuttles.

How to get rid of Verizon monthly?

I have used Net 10 Prepaid SIM Card service, purchased at Dollar General, it cost about 40 USD, but we must have an "unlocked" smartphone, and pay for the phone, own it, free and clear, and have enough money to actually buy a smartphone up front, and not nickle dime you with monthly payments to Verizon to pay for it.

What I just outlined, was a way, that a person could stop all payments, and could just say to the Hotel,
"I am checking out at the end of the month, and going to live on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for the next six months, see you in the spring."


How to get rid of electric, water, sewer, cable, Internet, and even car is a problem for retirement, here is one solution, extended stay hotels.