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University Educated and Living in Hotel Rooms

My education at Indiana University, USA, was the best six years of my life. While working on a four-year degree, my dorm life was like living in a hotel.

Mon, 6 May 2013 22:42:48

Yes, as Americans, we can retire in comfort, be jet-set travelers who live in hotel rooms in famous places, such as New York City, London, Paris, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore – and all the other less-famous, less-expensive cities. However, what do we do inside these hotel rooms in exotic lands, rooms full of tropical sunsets and drinks with umbrellas?

airports and Hotel rooms

66.2 Percent of Students Opt for Higher Education

In October 2012, 66.2 percent of 2012 high-school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

This is fine. We normally agree that we want our children to be highly educated so that they get good jobs. And many of us dream about traveling and seeing the world, a life of tropical resorts and five star hotels. This is the dream life, the life we will live in the future, the dream of retiring abroad.

We save our money during our working life. We work diligently, using that expensive university education to get a six-figure job in the USA, England or Germany (or other parts of Europe), or in Australia. Then, after great success, we move onto spend our hard-earned money enjoying the world.

World travel is often the same as dorm life: People from many cultures and religions congregate in hotels … and the neighbors turn up the music too loud, just like in dorms! And hotel friends are the same as university friends. In a hotel or resort, we find people like ourselves and hang out with them, drink beer together, fall in love, fall out of love, and live in paradise.

Yet, in many ways, just like at university, our friends in the hotel rooms and resorts eventually move on, generally returning to their jobs in the USA or Europe.

The Dream of Retiring Abroad

OK, we do not have to live in a hotel room. We can rent an apartment in Bangkok or one in the Caribbean, maybe the Dominican Republic. And those of us who did exceptionally well after university can live in the south of France, sipping wine and living the good life … and all is well in paradise.

The plan is the good life, and there is no doubt, we can choose great places to live, whether Chang Mai, Thailand or Cuenca, Ecuador. Yet there is this question: Are these people the ones we want to talk with every day for the rest of our lives?

There are short-term and long-term friends, and in large cities in the USA, you can find people with similar backgrounds easily, and they all speak English; there is no need to learn languages. This is simple, easy and controlled; it is easily sustainable.

Conclusions About Hotel Life Abroad

Yes, it is a great way of living, and life is good. Every day is a new adventure. Yet when planning the trip around the world, that dream of retiring abroad, it is best we keep in mind this thought: If you are one of the 66.2 percent who went to university in the USA, you may wish to find a group of people who share similarities, such as age, background and social status, not excluding religion and marital status.

Who we share the hotel, resort, condo, apartment complex or the gated community with matters if it is to be a paradise. Often, we forget that in many exotic paradises, fewer than 10 percent of the locals went to university, and not all the expats in the hotel are quite the same as your dorm friends.

We need to plan to change peer groups, realize that these new people sharing our new life, sharing our new paradise, living the good life in some exotic hotel on the other side of the planet, are different from the people we had imagined having as lifelong friends.

An excellent movie that that poignantly explains life in paradise is “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”

Life is good! Thank you,

Andy Graham

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University Educated and Living In Hotel Rooms. title=