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Retiring Abroad Requires You Move 5-10 Times Per Year

There are 252 countries on the planet, and you need to try 5-10 locations to find the correct place to retire.

Moving Abroad it is Accept the Choice or Go Home for 90 Percent.

I enjoy moving to a new country, or city on the planet, to me, it is the fountain of youth. However, whether nature or nurture, I sense that the human animal wants to squat, create a homestead, and die in one location. Therefore, when planning to move abroad, they only make plans to move one time. The put all their eggs in one basket, they bet the end of their life on one location.

Moving Abroad

My estimate, after 14 years, and 90 countries is 90 percent will move back home.

It was a lottery, the tried on one of the 252 countries, and failed. However, the ones that succeed probably visit 5-20 countries before they settle down, and choose the best on for them.

Moving is incredibly stressful for the all or nothing group.

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