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Retirement Visa Strategies to Retire Abroad

This page is where I am going to collect different retirement visa strategies, how to retire abroad and die with no problems, exit strategies.

My name is Andy Lee Graham, I was born 1955 in the state of Indiana, I am presently 56 years old. I have lived abroad, or as a perpetual traveler for the last 14 years, I have visited 90 countries.

This page is a work in progress, I am going to list Retirement Visa Strategies:

The essential problem to solve, is not the visa, but who is going to care for financial affairs to live, if I become sick or mentally incompetant. Then there is the consideration, whether to be married, or unmarried. All in all, who is going to take care of a person while living abroad? I believe the USA gives my Social Security money to my wife until she dies. I also think she could hide that I die, and collect forever.

1. Renew Visa until death, or until they change the rules. If they change the rules, I live inside the country without a visa, more or less a visa overstay.

2. Apply for a retirement visa, and if they change the rules, I return to the USA.

3. Apply for a retirement visa, and if they change the rules, I live as a visa overstay.

4. Apply for residency, and if they change the rules, I do a visa overstay.

5. Appy for residency, and if they change the rules, I go back to the USA.

5. Apply for retirement visa, that converts to residency. (Example HotSpringFreak below for Argentina.

6. Obtain residency in my top three countries to live, then if one of them has problems, I move to another, on the premise I am always renting.


to a large degree you approach a problem in much the same way as me. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Always have a plan B.


Hotspring, I know you are single, who is going to take care of you when your brain goes and you are in Argentian or anywhere?

I am starting to feel, that only by becoming a legal citizen of a country, would I be safer. This word Visa is dangerous, and I am not sure I understand residency. My Argentian girlfriend had a US Dollar account, when they change the money, the converted to Peso and she was screwed.

I think I must always be willing to live illegaly, and that for sure makes it impossible to own a house.

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