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Retirement Abroad by Living in Enjoyable Locations Not an Investment

90 percent of people retiring abroad sabotage their happiness by thinking about money and not about quality of life.

"A fool and his money are soon parted."

I have lived abroad now for just under 14 years, after two years of perpetual traveling I realized nobody cared where I lived. It take approximately two years of living outside the USA or Europe before people can shake off culture they left and make their own decision.

An investment is something you do before you retire, whereby you have enough money to live in comfort after you stop working.

70 percent of the people who go live abroad move back home within 2-3 years.

10-20 percent lose all or the majority of their retirement money by making quick and rash decisions to purchase real estate in the first six months of living abroad.

The solution is to live in any retirement location for at least two years before any purchase or investment.

However, when a person says they are going to invest overseas, I know they are on the wrong path, it just does not work that way overseas.

Living in a Dollar Sign

It is difficult to make a great investment in the USA, trying to invest overseas is 100 times more complicated.


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