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Retire Abroad Map, remember Living Abroad Is Temporary, to Retire you Need too Move Up and Out Of Blue Countries

What is an upward mobile move for a person retirin abroad?

Normal Upward Mobile Reasons to Retire Abroad

1. I move from a rich country to a poor country, I am a rich man.

2. I move from a country where women do not like me, to a country where they do.

3. I move to a tropical or warm country, I do not have to pay for heating a home or the fight with climate.

4. Being a person with a "High Development" passport is going to make you special, especially when all the local want a way to leave.

What is not upward mobile for Retire Abroad?

1. Moving from a developed country like the USA to Europe, generally 90 percent of the people who do this become poorer, the cost of living is horrible in Europe. While a European can move to the USA and save money on everything.

For a USA person to move Europe is normally just the desire to brag.
- To say, I know French, German, or Italian and now am a worldly person, even though the Europe culture is only minutely different.

There are slews of people who wish to upgrade their social status, the problem is this, to brag, they must return home. They often find that being the foreigners in another country sucks, do you want to have the social status of being a Mexican inside the USA? Well, if you move to Europe from the USA, they are not going to give you high social status.

Have fun, do what you want, but do not buy real estate, that is the commitment or kiss of no return.

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