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Retire Abroad Location Needs Good Food

I have an apartment in Kara, Togo, and find myself in Natitingou, Benin, and after some soul searching, I find I am hungry, I wanted to eat better food.

I will keep this short, there are 100's of reasons to live abroad, the two primary are

1. Your love life is better.

2. It is 10-50 times cheaper than Europe or the USA.

However, when choosing a location, I have become aware, love or money are not as important as food.

Food abroad

This simple diner in Natitingou, Benin was a huge temptation to leave Kara for few weeks.

I refuse to make decisions that revolve around food, but after a month or two, good food has risen on my priority list.


Andy Graham


If I share what I am eating, I may never be able to convince my chubby American friends to come visit. But, I will try show the food I eat. Generally, I must scavenger all day long to find the proper diet. When I find a food that is healthy, I eat it then, because it is not easy to find them all in the same location.

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