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Respect For Elders Don't Leave This Off Your Live Abroad Checklist - Retirement Abroad

Maybe the most important thing go know when choosing a location to retire abroad is, "Does the local culture have respect for elders?" We all get ol


Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. — Exodus 20:12


It is my belief, that the ability to anticipate the future is what separates us from the apes. Yes, maybe squirrels do hoard away a few acorns for a long winter, but humans can work today for a goal 50 years in the future.

Yet, when we experience younger people showing no respect for their elders, no respect for their fathers, and mothers, what does this say? We must deduce that this person believes they will never get old, in many ways they are not human, they are brutes.

Mom Graham 81 Years Old

This is Mom Graham age 81, today February 2, 2015 she is on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala one of the better places to retire, one of the place where the locals have respect for their elders. One of the places that honor their fathers, and mothers.

Saying this is a platitude, nice words, but what are the tells, what are the signals that a culture, a friend, and family member has respect for elders?

How to know if a culture has respect for elders, when trying to choose a location to retire abroad?

Signals of Respect for Elders

1. Giving up a seat on the bus, train, or trolley.

2. Opening the door, or not allowing the door to slam on the person behind them.

3. Offering to carry a bag, without making the person aware you are offering help.

4. Streets, sidewalks, curbs are accessible by older people. (I was in the country of Malta, and many people go there to retire, but few are really old, old enough to see that many building are imposible to enter by wheelchair).

5. Taxi drivers get out to help with baggage, with, or without a tip, they feel it is their obligation.

6. People help elders without the commentary, without the talking, they assume it is their job to help.

Do you know more signals of respect for elders?

Please tell us countries, or cities where the local culture has respect for elders?

I am from Orland, Indiana, a small town of 400 people, mostly an older generation that has respect for their elders, and for that I am grateful. Why? There will come the day when I need a helping hand to do simple things.

Anticipate your future --- anticipate the future of mankind. We often worry about things on the news, and fail to even say hello to our neighbor.

Go figure!

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham


HI Andy,

In my travels I've found a great deal of respect from people based upon my age (68). In the Spanish countries seniors get preference in banks and other places. In the UK and America i was never afforded simple curtesies. In Europe it varied but for the most part it was there.

I am now in the Philippines and the respect shown to us oldies is rampant. I can go to the head of the line, or someone will open a door for me, or bring me a chair to sit. The Filipinos do not use nursing homes for their elderly. In fact most elderly people, like me, are still agile and working on their farms. My fiance's grandmother 70 has her own place and raises pigs, chickens, and several different crops. Arthitis has no claim on her. She chops wood, uses a machette like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. And I've never seen her depressed or unhappy, always a big smile.

I have the double benefit of respect in the Philippines - age and being the worshiped American. Funny sometimes and sad others.

Your love of freedom and traveling friend and fellow Hoosier

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