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2-3 Bedroom Apartment Perfect for Travelers

No friends? Or maybe we have too many? I need a 2-3 bedroom apartment for when my American friends and family visit me overseas.

Thu, 24 Oct 2013 19:44:58

In many ways, living out of hotel rooms is getting old, but not for the reasons you think. I want extra bedrooms because I wish to bribe my American and European friends into coming to visit. And by renting a 2-3 bedroom apartment overseas, they might feel comfortable enough to visit.

"Hey Mike, I have an extra room, come visit for a month. … It will cost you nothing, stay for a month if you want."

And convincing friends to pay for a hotel room for a month requires an act of God, even when only 10 USD per day. One friend will come visit me abroad, then go home, tell the others it is safe, and then maybe all of them will visit. Eventually, even the friends that are not friends will come, but having to many friends is a good problem as we grow older.

Live Abroad 2-3 Bedroom Apartment

My Strategy to Rent 4-5 Apartments Overseas

I have been out traveling the world continuously for over 15 years, and now I want to rent 4-5 different apartments in my favorite cities on the planet.

Traveling abroad is scary for people; living abroad is even more frightening.

There are a few serious questions in the back of our brains:

– “Can I afford to live abroad?”

– “Will I have friends?”

– “Can I live the same or better than at home?”

(Please! Hobos are smart enough to live in luxury on pennies per day while the rest of the world lives by the sweat of its brow.)

Will the USA Government Send Me My Social Security Check?

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that the American government keeps telling the citizens it is dangerous to live abroad. Personally, the idea of living in New York City is too dangerous for me, or maybe I consider it like climbing on a treadmill with all the other mice.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and trust me, the ease or difficulty of getting visas in various countries is not even a consideration for me. I can live in any country I want; there is always a visa available for Americans who live abroad. Folks worrying about visas always baffle me. I choose where I live because I love the people, the place and the cost of living. The visa is last on my list of considerations.

But what can I do with my friends, family, and all the friends I have accumulated over the years? I do not want to live abroad and completely desert my friends at home. But let’s face the fact: My American friends are just too afraid to visit. Somehow, I need to stack the deck, fix the game, arrange it so they just cannot say no and make them an offer they cannot refuse: a free room, which is better than a hotel.

I can pick them up at the airport and give them a free room in my apartment.

And, to make it simple, I could give them a visual; I could make a video of the apartment room where they would stay and put it up on What good fun!

I looked at a new apartment yesterday here in Kara, Togo. It is amazingly large with two bedrooms and kitchen in a completely new building, still smelling of fresh paint. Its second story balcony overlooks city, it has tons of parking, and it is completely enclosed with a huge compound wall for security. It was everything my friends, family and friends want, and, go figure, it only costs 70 USD per month (35,000 CFA). It was behind the hotel Affairs Social, somewhere after Charles de Gaulle Street.

Yes, 70 USD per month! Hotels are expensive here, and apartments are cheap.

And, if I understand correctly, to get the electric turned on, I go to the electric company, buy electric credit, and it automatically starts. No need to wait for the electric company to come and then sign a contract. I just buy credit, as if I was buying a long-distance phone card.

And, if I had an apartment, I could hire a cleaning lady to come in every day, giving me the life of leisure, with more time to read Wikipedia, books, watch movies and do what boys do, never a shortage of love for Americans abroad.

I could rent a 2-3 bedroom home easier, but then would need 2-3 cleaning ladies, plus a gardener. That’s too much work for me; I like the simple life.

Andy Lee Graham

This is a prepay electric program for live abroad apartment.