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I Try to Have Empathy on Why People are Afraid of Retirement it Appears the Internet is Fear Mongering

Why are people in the USA afraid of retirement? What is causing fear, we have 30 years of planning and we still have problems ending our lives in peace.


The best solution for the USA people is to hide our head in the sand, and pray for God to save us, the end is near. The USA is going broke, unemployment is high, and will never go down, industrial jobs are going to China. People are losing their house, and your children are going to to college with no hope of getting job.

Aagh, we all need to give up and go on welfare, the world as we have know for the last 50 years is ending, life is hopeless.

Retirement Research
I love doing research, I find a topic, then spend days reading, dwelling and trying to understand. Research is easy when you make two categories:

1. Problems

2. Solutions

My research of retirement is personal, I am 56, and I enjoy dwelling on victory. When I have enough money guaranteed monthly to live for the rest of my life. Yet, I see the the world is in a rather hopeless mess, doom and gloom rules the planet, we all have on a happy face, but the future sucks.

My Plans for Victory Retirement
"Victory Retirement," nobody, nothing, no government, no person, place or thing can cause me a problem that cannot be solved.

The Problems of a Victory Retirement?

1. How much money do I need monthly?
(I need 500 USD to live overseas in luxury.)

2. Major medical problems that bankrupt me.
(I worry about a 100,000 USD cancer bill, and I do not trust Obama, this universal health plan is a joke.)

3. Just lost my job, and the pension is not funded.
(I do not plan on a pension.)

4. Social Security for the USA does not seem to be funded correctly.
(- OK, Solved, I would get 400 per month at age 62 if I retire.)

Ok the big problem would be Social Security, if this system goes under, we are all in trouble. If it end, so does the USA in my opinion.

Simply? Is the USA going to stop being a country?

My anwer is a 100 percent NO, therefore by hook or crook, the USA is going to rob from somebody to give its people Social Security payments.

Fear of Poverty in Retirement

What is humourous, only the USA is worried, 85 percent of the people of the planet trust their children to help them. I am not sure we can trust our childen to take care of the USA parents. If you have good children, they are not going to put you out in the cold, and allow you to live in poverty.

Medical Bankruptcy

My mother wrote me, the doctor says, the next medical treatment for his back and prostate cancer will cost 100,000 USD.

Then, I do Research on the Internet for Retirement Crapola

I have 5-10 pages sent to me per day about retirement, I use google alerts to find pages about the subject.

I just enter in the subject "Retire Abroad." and it sends me daily e-mails.

The Problem: It only sends me doom and gloom, they want me to go invest abroad. I do not want to invest overseas, there is nothing more idiotic than trying to get me to invest in a corrupt dictatorships. The world is corrupt, at least in the USA I do not have to worry about the bank manager stealing my money.

I want to know about how to retire abroad in a nice place, where is fun? Yet, readers never plan to to tire of thinking about money.

Solution: The bottom line is this, if I do not keep my mind on the where and how to have fun, I can piss away my whole life looking for money.

Bottom line, I presently have ten times the money I need to enjoy the day. I want more, but I am not greedy. Greed and fear if the problem for the world, we all are greedy until we cannot see we have all we need.

Now, how to pay 100,000 for medical for my father's cancer?

This feel like a way to extract 100,000 USD of fear out of a person, truly feels as corrupt as the dictators or rulers of all the Latino countries.

 My solution is simple, I just make it to age 62, then I have 500 USD coming from Social Security, if I write a few book, the web site continues, maybe I have bonus money. But the 500 from SS is fine for me, I will be happy being a lazy guy on the beach.

I can live a life of luxury for 500 USD per month, half the planet earns has less than 150 per month to live on, I wil have four times that and be rich.

Now, if Obama would balls to the wall it, and truly give me medical for cancer, all my problems would be solved.

Maybe, I can immigrate to Canada or Norway, marry a tall Norwegian chick.

Life is good, and no reason to worry, but please, stop watching CNN and all the crap on the Internet selling fear.

The problem is fear, it is never real, the world cannot come to an end, it just does not happen.

Bigger problem: This takes me 10 minutes to write, there is no fun in proofreading, rewriting, or spell checking, so I avoid that.


rambling robert

Right on!Right on!Right on! Best post in a long time, my brother. But...I am reminded of a line of an old gospel song "Oh good Shepherd, Lead your Sheep" Its all true what you say. You and I have known this for years, but the sheep can not bve lead. they must find the water on their own or die of thirst.

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I Try to Have Empathy on Why People are Afraid of Retirement it Appears the Internet is Fear Mongering title=