I Accidentally Joined the Country Club and Live Abroad

I am getting the feeling, I am a member of a Country Club here, but I never wanted to join one in the USA, but living abroad is similar.

14 years of traveling the planet, and why people live abroad is still an enigma. I am obsessed with understanding psychologically and socially what motives people to move to another location on the planet, the reasons are convoluted, few of the people around me know why they are here, except the like it better than the other choices they can afford.

Yet, in the end, the main category is:
"We want to be the Rich and Famous."

We come to poor countries, so we are the Rich.

We came to live in a small pond full of foreigners, we are no longer a nobody, we are a somebody.

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs is CRAP
I think the most basic need of humans is to improve status, by rising above other people. If a human cannot compete, they will somehow change the rules to allow themselves to compete.


I think I better talk about me, I get enough hate mail already.

I admit it, I go to West Africa, and the Philippines because the girls love me, my alternative of living in the USA, and only dating divorced woman with two children and an ex husband is no longer acceptable.

I admit it, I love paying 140 USD per month for rent, my alternative is to live in the USA and pay 400-600 for the same quality of housing.

Social Status

People rise above others by proving the people around them are less, or they lie to appear more important. There is no reason to be angry, or tolerate any situation, the is zero reason to accept your station in life, you can change it.

I do not need to tolerate the weather.

I do not need to tolerate American women.

I do not need to compete with the Jone's.

I do not need to be bored out my mind, listening to people talk about the weather, or how they mowed the lawn, and bought stuff for their house in the USA.

I love to listen to crazy foreigners, they are entertaining, but each year I live, the less respect I have for people, I am becoming a misanthrope, misanthropy is the general hatred, mistrust or disdain of the human species or human nature.

I am thankful today, for the wisdom, and the will to walk away from people, and not need to talk with them. I am normal, I need friends, family, love and all the other feeling that make us feel whole. However being part of the group has become tiresome, I find myself walking away from people more and more, and finding simpler friends.

I was in the Palapa Bar and Restaurant yesterday in Panajachel, Guatemala talking with dozens of people ---  and suddenly I found myself walking toward the market, and feeling stronger because I left. It felt like a country club, and what I needed to tolerate was too high a price to pay.

We pay for our life with tolerance, we trade tolerance for other benefits, and often find we paid with fools gold. The more I walk away, the happier and richer I am, life is good.

Life is good, and I know I am rich, because there is no need to accept, or tolerate anybody, or anything. I can change the channel simply by moving to better location on the planet. I come to Lago Atitlan because life is simple, and the weather is perfect, and it is entertaining to listen to crazy foreigners for a short while.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham

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