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Drop Dead File - Retirement

What information is needed if you drop dead now, do you have a drop deal file to help unravel you life. - Retirement

My foreigners or expatriates living abroad drop dead and local friends have no intimate knowledge of the person. There is a real need to know the full name, and true information.

List of Items Needed:

1. Internet user-names and passwords.

2. List of Bank Accounts

3. Location of Will

4. List of Debts

5. Insurance Policies

6. Social Security Number



Keeping financial information secure is more important while you're alive - you have to eat and have a place to live - no need after you're dead. Hopefully, the person you give information to is trustworthy. I would really be pissed and in a financial bind if someone cleaned out my bank account, etc. after I entrusted them with financial info. The trustee of your estate - get a will - should be arranged. Dying without a will is going to be a real challenge if you die overseas. Some places will not even allow you to be buried (or cremated).


Dying is ok
Living with sound mind is ok.
Being too senile call the bank, to remember passwords mean you can be living in the streets. Bottom line, trust someone when your brain is functioning, I guarantee they do eventually stop.

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A Drop Dead File would help friends know what to do when you drop dead. title=