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DHV Syndrome is Why You are Not Free to Travel the Planet Travel Tip

I have questioned why people refuse to travel the planet, the problem is simple it is our genetically programmed need for DHV. (Don's you hate acronyms?)

DHV Syndrome: Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV) --- The never-ending need to prove you have more to offer to a prospective wife or husband. This is needed in the courtship of a wife or husband, but is a little obsessive / compulsive as you become older.

I have often said,
"People who live overseas are the wanted, unwanted, and the hermits."

- The wanted by the law.

- The unwanted, the unaccepted misfits of the planet who find they can be a somebody in poor country.

- The hermits, who truly cannot handle other people talking to them, they will go to countries like China where the language barrier is so great they can be free from all human intimacy.


I am going to add "The Playboy's."

A Playboy gets girls with no effort, he or she is free to travel the planet because there is no need to cache, or hoard possessions to prove their DHV.

What do these four stereotypes have in common? The first three do not have any DHV, and the last one has no use for it, it is an unneeded. What is DHV, well, when we are young and want a girlfriend or boyfriend, we start compete for the best catch. They way we find the best mate or partner for marriage is in numerous ways.

1. Most money.

2. Best Job

3. Most handsome or beautiful.

4. Best athlete

5. Best grades in school

6. Best Rock Star

7. OK, there are hundreds of ways.

YOU will fight for DHV for fear of losing your husband or wife.

Hobos Have Zero DHV

It has taken me 12 years to understand why the word "Hobo" annoys readers. Now, I see the simple reason, they do not want to associate with something that would have a negative DHV.

You will not find a wife by bragging that you are a "Hobo."

I can call myself a Hobo with love in my voice, but I can effortlessly demonstrate my higher mating value to women. In fact, I do not even need to marry, I know there will always be the next girl. I started to travel to find better quality girls in other countries, tiring of the monotony.

DHV is Buying Stuff, Caching, Hoarding, Conspicuous Consumption

Well, you went out into the world, you conquered, it is time to stop fighting. Yes, I know you are afraid of losing your wife or husband. But you stop the fight to prove you are good wife or husband bait, you can stop.

Some of you know you have been tilting at windmills, time to stop.

I was age 42 when I took off traveling, I had two houses, a sailboat at the Yacht Club, good looks intelligent and 100's of friends. I took off for me in the end, to be free of the fight for DHV.

Time to throw off the genetic curse, we can evolve higher.

Andy Lee Graham

NOTE: I wrote the article about the Lamborghini years ago:
Sensation Transference Problem



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