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Dale Marsh Retired Expat In Panajachel Guatemala Becomes Senile - Retirement

Dale Marsh born in 1935 has lived in Panajachel, Guatemala for over 10 years on Lake Atitlan, he is slowly becoming senile and needs help.

"There are three signs of senility. The first sign is that a man forgets his theorems. The second sign is that he forgets to zip up. The third sign is that he forgets to zip down."
- Paul Erdos

If you know this man, please click on contact and write Andy Graham

August 2011

This is Andy Graham, I am presently in the city of Panajachel, Guatemala located on Lake Atitlan. A few years ago I met Dale Marsh and he was quite capable of taking care of himself. The local Expat community here on Lake Atitlan has become greatly concerned about Dale's health, he is not communicating well with his friends.

What is good his friends on the lake have taken to helping him, this suddenly became a great concern when he lost his Debit Card. Without a Debit card he could not remove money from an ATM and was broke.

I loaned him 300 Quetzales until he received a new one, over a week or two I realized he was totally confused. Bonnie helped him, however James, Bill and me took upon ourselves to search for a solution.

I brought him to my Hotel and called his bank using, and learned that his new card was sent, but he say he has not received it.


He cannot remember the username and password to check his bank online.

He cannot remember his e-mail address or password where he receives the statements.

When the bank ask him security questions over the phone he answers them incorrectly and this causes the person to think we are cheating him.


If Dale would have written trusted and written down:

1. Email address and password.

2. Account access to Bank

3 Social Security

4. Date of Birth

5. Mother's Maiden Name

6. Name of people, with telephone numbers, e-mail. who knows him.

7. Source of Income,

8. Passport

9. Drivers License, even if 10 years old and expired.

10. Address where Bank Statements are sent.

11. Location of Bank, State, Representative who set up account.

12. All bank account numbers.

Generally, this sounds invasive, but the alternative is worst --- If we had not step in and started bleeding this information out of him, he could very well become so senile he would be penniless.

Trust someone in your life and give them enough information to help you!

Thank you,
Andy Graham of in Panajachel


Why don't you call the embassy in Guatemala City? They will send out consulates who will attempt to contact his relatives in the USA (assuming his is a US citizen). The number is (502) 2326-4000. Hope that helps, we had a situation like that in Mexico City. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out well so I hope you help this man before it is too late.


He wishes to live and die here in Panajachel, therefore if we can find a person to take management of him, we can avoid him being put in an institution. And none of us trust the USA embassy to do anything in a savvy manner.

It would be good to look at the sheet of information he completed to apply for his passport which is now expired. Nothing is ever simple in reality, what the government recommends is generally a Charlie Foxtrot.


I don't want to start any activity to help that might lead to someone taking advantage of this fellow (evil doers would be on him like wHite on rice). Like a website, facebook page or twitter campaign. Does he have any paperwork in his possession that would lead to his relatives. Was he registered with the US Embassy. Unfortunately the embassy may be the only recourse. There are legal issues involved here - his being institutionalized. Once he gets into the government system in Guatemala, he may really be in dire straits. Please keep us posted. Dwight Z. Tacoma, WA, USA


I have finally got into his E-mail address and wrote one friend of Dale's yesterday and wrote one of his friends.

I can tell you this, if you want to be private, secretive, and keep secrets, it is a great way to end you life penniless and alone.

Dale made very mistake you can possibly make because he did not believe he would ever get old and senile.

I am not going to contact the Embassy or any government, this is my problem, this is our problem, the USA or Guatemalan government will F@#K up anything they touch.


Let me know if you hear from anyone by email. Maybe we can get some help from this end. If he wants to stay there, maybe someone from a church would be willing to give a helping hand. How does his rent get paid or will he soon be out on the street? Hopefully someone can help him on a regular basis. Rgards, DZ


Back in the early 1990s in Pana, 'Coach' Ely from Pittsburgh, in his 80s then, had won the Pa. lottery, became senile, he used to offer me Q20 to drive him rt to Guatemala City, including gas, of course I was not able, so he took the bus, one afternoon he arrived at our hangout, just off the bus, missing Q5000 in cash, then over 1500 USD, few ATMs and no Internet in those days, so Coach jumped back on the bus to Guate city again, seems he hid the cash in a pillow of his hotel bed and forgot it...the maid had gone home and did not return next day..finally Coach just lost his marbles and had to be deported to US where his Nephew had control of his money, died in a nursing home.
North Carolina Joe died slowly of Cancer, gave him a ride to Jucanya every day, Joe never lost his sense of humor. Thanks for helping this man, there are many who would take advantage of him, at least he does not have a young live in 'girlfriend' like one guy in Pana who finally lost everything to her and her cohorts in the 80s when Coach was not senile, he saved my life literally on the road, I am in my 60s and have seen many ex pat friends in El Salvador and Guatemala taken by senility or Alzeimhers. died, moved away, G-d bless all of them!!!!


Dora, I have only put on the Internet what is true, and none of this information allow him to be scammed.

Because Dale was not wise, he kept everything secret from everyone, he is now a ward of the expats in this city. We have a choice, we can help him, or we can call up the American Embassy have have them take him to an institution.

Dora, I suspect you think you are smart by being private, secretive, and now at age 76 Dale is helpless with nobody to help but strangers. I suspect you are next in line, people are delusion, I will become senile, you will become senile, we need to have family and friend to help.

OR, someone will put a photo up on the Internet trying to net or find someone.

I hope his family finds his name on this web site and claims a man that is not capable of taking care of himself.

Today, Dale is fine, bottom line, read that list above and give to someone, if you to not trust anyone then you are sadder than Dale.

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