Curious Enough To Live Outside The USA - Retirement Abroad

Expats often live abroad because of anger at the USA, as if they lost the love of their life. Curiosity about the outside world is a better reason.

Angry Expats

Are we searching for paradise, or escaping from the USA?

Expats need to obsess on "curiosity," and less on Anger.

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.

The world is a big place, life is short, some of us have the courage to stand outside the fire.


Andy Lee Graham



My uncle is looking to live a nice place after his Retirement. He is looking for a peaceful and attractive place to stay there permanently, but he is confused to select between UK and USA. I think USA will be a best option for him. After completing my the new rijksmuseum trip I will suggest him to check back this website for more information about his problem.


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Hi Andy, I've just joined your site and would like to thank you for creating this hub for folks like me. I have only one thing on my lists of "Just can't tolerate" and that's mosquitoes/midges/no seeums! Is there a warm place in any of your favorite 100 places that doesn't have mosquitoes that are around more than a few weeks? I'm allergic to Deet and bug spray. And I swell up with bites. Any suggestions you or your hobos might have would be most appreciated. thanks again...


Melody, I will make a video answer soon to your question about where there are no Mosquitoes, Midges, No See Ums. This is great question, and hard to say. I can tell you, there are very few at Lake Atitlan, a few, but mostly stopped if you can find a room with a screen. I tape mosquito netting up over the windows. Thanks, Andy


You're awesome Andy! many thanks. Lake Atitlan is looking better and better! cheers, Melody

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