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Checklist for Handicap Ready Home

It is the savvy person who prepares their home before then need grab bars, lights, and wheelchair accessible toilets, not after they fall.

Fri, 5 Jul 2013 04:25:43

Defend yourself against your children, they will surely put you in a nursing home if you fall down, or show any problems in living at home.

I am Andy Graham, and my father has prostate cancer that spread to his back, and I returned home to help. My mother demands that she and Dad stay in the home, which is a nice goal, idealistic, and just plain crap in the end. She speaks platitudes, idle comments with no force.

I said her,
"If you fall down, I guarantee the five kids will put you two in nursing homes."

"We must feel safe, we must know you will not hurt yourself, or we would feel irresponsible." 

I stayed in my parents home for two months, and in that time I observed these problems, for 80 plus year old people. Yet, the catch 22 is this, when you are 80 an really need to make the decisions, your brain is weaken, your body is not even capable of adapting your house.

Why My Parents Fall Down?
1. Reach over to pick up something.
- My father bent over to pick up a box elder bug.
2. Miss a handle
- He transferred from a wheelchair to a walker and missed the handle.
3. Throw rug
4. Water in shower
5. Step up, or step down.
6. From chair to toilet
7. Lack of sugar.
8. From wheel chair to car at Hospital.
-  He came out of the hospital, after being stuck with a need many times because of an incompetant nurse trying to take blood. He was in shock, they did not give him sugar, his knees started to buckle as he got into the car, fortunately he sort of fell down onto the car seat.

The 10 Handicapped Prepared House

1. Toilet Seat need to have elevated seat, you can buy at Walgreens.
2. No throw rugs
3. Garage door double wide, not single wide so they can drive the car inside.
4. Car need to enter the street front the front, backing out into the street is no longer a good option, downright dangerous.
5. One floor
6. Furniture needs to be close enough to use as walking help.
7. Grab bars need installed in places where you reach out for support.
8. Sit down in Shower
9. Ramps
10. Grab Bars
11. All items at chest level.